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Left Face – Slight Sensation – Eye and Cheek – Allergies?
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Left Face – Slight Sensation – Eye and Cheek – Allergies?

Pretty much everything is fine except for this last issue …

My left face at times sometimes has just a slight sensation, right around my left eye or mainly my upper cheek. I mean there is absolutely no pain or aggravation. Just this slight tightness or preasure or may even be described as when you go out in the sun and you get a tan and you walk into the shade you can still feel the sun on your face. Maybe something like that.

It is extremely mild.

I am just wondering if it is Sinuses or an Aggravated nerve.

I have been to the Doctor about it and he says that it is Sinuses and that I should take a really hot shower and then bend over in the Shower and let my sinuses drain.

I have recently gone to a Allergy Clinic and got tested for everything that I would be allergic to and found out that I am extremely allergic to grass and some weeds.

I am sneezing a lot, and do feel maybe a little dry around the eyes.

You can check all my other posts. I have been checked 3 ways to Sunday on everything, and everything has come back fine.

The only thing I have not had done is an MRI.

Well please let me know what you think? Any comments would be appreciated …

P.S. I did read in another thread is that I could just have a dry face, and one person put lotion on their face and felt a lot better.

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I have found that when my allergies are really bad my whole left side, eye, ear, sinuses and cheek are irritated. Above my left eye in the eyebrow area will get Inflamed. My eye will feel like there is something in it. They said I had trygemnal neuralgia and the nerve is damaged. It always flares up at the start of the allergy season and subsides after the first frost. Felicia 77
Thank you very much for helping me I will try all that.

Also what about nerves around the face? Can allergies effect that? I mean like what I feel is like my nose wants to twitch but it doesn't. You know like the feeling right before your nose twitches you feel your nerves creeping up? The feeling is kind of like that but just a little constant and light. Goes away and comes...

Ok I am not sure if this helps or not, but I no longer have the weird feeling in my left torso, that is gone.

The only feeling that I have left is the weird sensation right on the left side of my nose and possibly sometimes below my left eye.

It comes and go.

If I put an eye patch on my left eye I do not feel the sensation. So I am thinking it is eye strain or that it is just pressure from the patch distracting the other sensation.

I just went for a walk and I really didn’t feel it. So I think it might only come when I look down at the computer screen or watch TV.

I mean how are you suppose to know when you need glasses? I mean I can still read the words but is it just harder for me to do so now?

I recently moved a very heavy flat screen and put it on my shoulder/back, have been studying a lot by looking down and on the computer, and have been watching TV until like 4 in the morning sometimes.

I think this might be related to my Shoulders or middle back or upper neck but I am not sure. Can a pinched nerve affect facial muscles?

I was wondering if you ever found out what was causing this or found any more information about it.

I really think it might be Sinus’s or Eye Strain.

I have the same thing off and on. I recently ran into some serious stress and was taking many exams and staying up extremely late not even going to bed studying. Also watching a ton of TV trying to de stress. So I think I wore out my left eye area.

It is mainly near my left part of my nose or below and around my left eye.

Also I do not think it is only strain. I think it has to do with allergies.

I have severe allergies sometimes from what my Allergist told me. I finally started to take Allegra and Flownase like my Doctor told me and I have noticed a difference. I have also been trying to catch up on a lot of sleep.

I still feeling a little here and there but it is a little less impactful so I think I am on the right track. I just do not know for sure

Any of you figure anything out?
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