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This patient support community is for discussions relating to airbourne allergies, eye allergies, shots, anaphylaxis, asthma, children's allergies, hives, insect stings, rhinitis, sinuses, and allergies to drugs, foods, and pets.

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Implantz18 minutes
By curedsoon Blank
Eleven months ago I had a titanium alloy dental implant along with a sinus lift and bovine bone graft. The surgery w...
Avatar m tn
By sleepyteach1
I am having the same eye problem as everyone else, I thought I was the only one. It started last year, I have gotten...
Avatar n tn
redjules42Jul 23, 2015
markpeaApr 20, 2010
dizzyklutzApr 01, 2010
emaya77May 16, 2009
By mflowers Blank
I first get sores in my mouth, then my lips are tingly, then chapped, swollen, and blistelike, happening over several...
Avatar n tn
By katyrae
Last night after dinner, I was wearing sweatpants. I started itching my thigh like crazy! It was so itchy that I had ...
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crazy_DApr 28
IberonDec 19, 2014
MayobarberJul 17, 2013
Paderla Anitha, DNB  Jul 16, 2013
MayobarberJul 15, 2013
By Mayobarber Blank
Hi. To make this short, I've been sickly for a few months now. I have recently added wheezing in my chest when I brea...
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A11iOopFeb 16
A11iOopFeb 16
halfabrainJul 24, 2015
Bluzgirl1Jul 23, 2015
By bigj Blank
will donating plasma lower my immune system
Avatar f tn
OrganicGardenerJul 15, 2015
FurballsMomJul 25, 2009
sillyvixenJul 24, 2009
By amenashe Blank
I recently had a severe skin allergic reaction to something in my yard. Similar to a poison ivy but was not. My reg...
Avatar n tn
hdeznoaJul 07, 2015
NanapattiNov 23, 2014
MsrevcdbSep 05, 2014
CherfJul 08, 2014
polarbearcubtxMar 30, 2014
By lolapia Blank
Hi, I have done a blood test - I'm alergic of dioxine Titanium ! What are the clinical symptoms of this kind of aller...
Avatar m tn
Noix77Apr 26
SoCalMelFeb 07
SMC66Jan 10
BunmanJan 01
neuropinephrineDec 25, 2015
By thegrandgangstar Blank
hi i am a 22 year old man. i went to the doctor a while ago because my anus was itching really bad. The doc gave me s...
Avatar f tn
TarampApr 26
AbraveOct 29, 2015
MikeW99May 14, 2015
anw88Apr 06, 2015
By moony239 Blank
I posted this under Rhinitis because it's the closest thing I've found so far. So here's the deal: my boyfriend ...
Avatar f tn
mickeygrApr 26
sherry301e79Oct 19, 2011
tschockBlankOct 06, 2011
By sherry301e79 Blank
My vertigo started 15 weeks ago. I was diagnosed (after many doctors) with BPPV and vestibular nerve damage. I had...
Avatar m tn
SoMDGirlApr 26
TjNurse93Sep 14, 2013
TjNurse93Sep 14, 2013
Judith614Jan 15, 2012
jramirezOct 01, 2009
By gregjette Blank
My husband was diagnosed with Vasomotor Rhinitis about 3 years ago. He is a 36 year old male in great shape and good...
Avatar f tn
kasagnesApr 26
hellokrishnaDec 23, 2015
deboliteJul 16, 2015
shigganbothamApr 05, 2015
By MissyP123 Blank
My son (14) has a IGE level of 33,000 - he has severe eczema, asthma and many allergies. We did have a specialist ex...
Avatar f tn
By summermoon71
my lower jaw left side hurts constantly,pain is in my ear, leading to headache-all severe and never totally relenting...
Avatar n tn
Bee_FreeApr 25
TeddyCanMar 04
Tulip_1Feb 25
By Karoru Blank
I am 18 years old, and I have never been allergic to anything in my life. As part of my nightly routine, I've always ...
Avatar n tn
Nan817Apr 24
mercielMay 21, 2009
Bhupinder Kaur, MD Jul 28, 2008
By 42mom Blank
I was told I have this desease from a Wake Forest Dr. in N.C. He said he could do surgery and it was about 4 hours ...
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llrascalApr 24
llrascalApr 22
ChriBNov 20, 2015
Chayden2Nov 06, 2015
By kr4st Blank
Allergic to titanium? I have had three knee replacements, one a cement/antibiotic one. I am in constant pain and my l...
Avatar n tn
brian_bbFeb 07
alissa422Jan 18
alissa422Dec 22, 2015
By PN904 Blank
I am a non-smoker. We are a non-smoking family. I am not around smokers at all. Why do I have the constant smell of s...
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ABsunnyApr 23
bsmslJul 19, 2011
margypopsJul 19, 2011
By HollyHamp Blank
Im allergic to hair dye, I get the usual red ichy spots and it can take weeks to go down, even with proper care. I ha...
Avatar m tn
anoyomus186Jul 09, 2015
anoyomus186Jul 09, 2015
Dr. Kokil Mathur Jan 20, 2010
By divyesh_patel Blank
I am suffering of Butt Itching since last 4-5 years. Many creams and tablets I have used but still it has not been co...
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