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Post nasal drip
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Post nasal drip

I have post nasal drip and also an upset stomach a lot of the time.  When my stomach is sick, the only way to help it feel better is to eat.  But then that doesn't last too long.  Do you think my upset stomach is de to the dripping?  What do you think is the best remedy for this?

Thank you -

This discussion is related to HELP!! Can Chronic Post Nasal Drip Cause Stomach Problems? Can allergy symptoms change?.
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     How are you? Post nasal drip is due to thick phlegm which causes difficulty in breathing, repeated spitting, nausea, sensation of fullness in the throat etc. Whether caused by pollution, chemical exposure, or severe infection, the treatment requires that the cilia mucous system be brought back to normal.
Stomach upsets could be due to excess mucus in the stomach or due to peptic disease. Consult a ENT specialist for further work up and confirmation of te cause.
Hi Emma,

I posted here a while back....

...and discussed my post nasal drip symptoms and different treatments etc I have followed. Since then I am still in the same position as I was unfortunately but I manage with it, you just get used to it i suppose!

I tried the Threelac and it didnt work for me (although i admit i gave up after a few weeks) so I am still looking for a cure or effective treatments. I still research regularly looking for hidden gems of information or new research etc.

I am currently looking into the possibility of Milk allergy and lactose intolerance as a possibility. The hardest thing about it is avoiding milk in products, its in everything i usually eat! I am going to try and get referred to an allergy specialist and get properly tested before I can commit to complete avoidance, at least then I know its worthwhile giving up everything I love to eat?

I still have stomach problems, Acid reflux problem was reduced from the stomach operation I had (nissen fundoplication), but I still occasionally get pains and excess gas so there is clearly something going on in my stomach still.

The latest thing that I am exploring is a probiotic called "Lactobacillus acidophilus" which is meant to be excellent in improving the digestive system (much more than the usual supermarket probiotics which are regarded as ineffective due to small numbers of bacteria reaching the stomach!) which in turn can help with a range of stomach problems including acid reflux.

If post nasal drip is linked to stomach problems, which in our cases it is highly likely they are caused by the same thing (or by each other?), then this could be a step forward.

The likelihood I am now accepting is that Post Nasal Drip and Acid reflux are all linked to reactions to something we are eating or exposed to, combined with poor digestive health (unless the digestive health is being damaged by the allergy/condition? confusing!). The best way forward is to look more closely at what we eat and get professional closely monitored help from a doctor that understands (I havent found one yet!), and try and improve digestive health with Probiotics and digestive enzymes etc?

Have a look at this, makes interesting reading for anyone suffering from acid reflux

I recommend you research acidophilus, I have ordered some tablets and will use them for the long term future, the benefits they can give sound excellent, so even if they dont cure us at least we have improved health. I am making an appointment to see an allergy specialist and fingers crossed for the future....

Good Luck
I'm also having the same problem. My doctor gave me one thing for the sinus infection..that cleared up the nasal drip and fever but the stomach was still awful and lots of pain. I changed my diet to a low alkaline diet which helped and my doc gave me Omeprazalone and said she'd schedule an endoscope (which she hasn't) I've been taking this stuff for about a month and my stomach feels better but now the nasal drip and infection feeling is back sooooooo what's your view on pylori bacteria. Something is up with me too. This started last year and I can't shake it. I do have allergies but this is a new miserable phase. Now my stomach is starting to act up too so?? I exercise and eat well so I'm at a loss. I go back to the doctor next week. Any suggestions what tests to ask for? - Jen
- J
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