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Weird reactions after drinking a cup of coffee-is this related?
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Weird reactions after drinking a cup of coffee-is this related?

A friend & I went out for lunch today.  I asked for decaf. coffee & had 1 cup...everything was fine.  Then I got a second cup of coffee, drank it, and 5 minutes later started feeling jittery.  I assumed that the waiter served me regular, caffeinated coffee by mistake.  Okay...I can understand feeling a little jittery.  But then I started feeling a tiny bit dizzy and queasy.  I've never fainted, but I felt awful.  I got home and still didn't feel better.  I took my temperature & it was running low, about 96 degrees. (Now, my temperature normally runs a little low, like 97.6, so for me a little low is normal). But, this was lower than my "normal").  I took my pulse, which was a little low for me (about 62). My blood pressure was normal.

I am assuming that I was having a strange reaction to what I assume was a caffeinated cup of coffee, but I don't know.  In reading symptoms about caffeine allergy, it usually says fast heartbeat or pulse, etc., and here I am having the opposite.

I've never had any food allergies in my life.  This is just very strange...could this just be a coincidence & maybe I'm coming down with something...or does it sound like a reaction to the caffeine?
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Avatar n tn
I wouldnt be too concerned. Coffee does the same thing to me, i get that feeling like i am about to pass out immideiately after i drink a big cup. I get jittery, feel sick as hell and feel like im going to faint. It also causes me terrible anxiety and makes me uncontrollably talkative.

Its just not pleasant, I love coffee. Its a shame we cant drink it. Just stay away, and be weary when ordering it, as ive heard stories of people who serve regular coffee as decaf because the people working are 'lazy'.

Anyways, good luck and I would advise you to stay away from caffiene from now on. (I find i can drink pepsi just fine, i drink usually about 1 a day, so im fine with that, just coffee sends me off the walls into a sick frenzy)
1355118 tn?1298568479
Hi, welcome to the forum, the symptoms you have mentioned are not seen with coffee intake and may be due to some other co-existing causes. You are well aware of the symptoms of excess caffeine.

Your temperature is on the lower side but not abnormal or point of concern. If it goes below 95, then needs to be evaluated. Hypothermia can occur from environmental exposure, many medical conditions can result in hypothermia, including hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, sepsis, neuromuscular disease, malnutrition, thiamine deficiency, and hypoglycemia. You need not worry; it will be alright. If the temperature drops more, then you need to consult physician.

Meantime other causes should be evaluated, as caffeine is unlikely to cause this. I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn
I drank 8 cups of coffee and i been felling werid i am having a tingleing sincation in my hads and arms. i feel sick to my stomach and everytime i stand up it fells like i am going to collapse. Should i be conserned abut this?
Avatar f tn
When I drink decaf coffee which I make at home makes me get really weak to the point I can barely walk and feel dizzy.
Avatar m tn
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