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mum's dementia, a sudden decline. symptoms
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mum's dementia, a sudden decline. symptoms

Hi people,
My mums decline may have showed signs over the last three years since my dad died. Shes 72, but in this last month and a half she lost it. i see, that from now on she can no longer live on her own.  Hallucinations at first, now regulated with Risperidone, psychiatrist thinks its dementia. She keeps her upkeeing as much as possible but  unable to perform daily tasks. dressing, cooking, making, I help her in fact i do it. Im her only child. and im exhausted. she is very tired all the time low energy as she is a tiny person in size. i remind her about food. She takes antidepressant too which help. and vitamin B1, 12, 6.
She bagun to wet the bed a few times. and is generally very low. She often says some pretty mad things. and when i say kichen she goes to the other direction. generally confused big time.

i know i need to find home care. I take her to a day center three times a week now for Alz, where they do activities.

I am wondering what stage of this are we in.  is it advanced, not, where am i? Can it happen so suddenly amd why? if so whats to follow. Does it level for a while or does it move at the same rate.

could it be psudo dementia from deep depression. or am i being fooled.

Thanks for hearing me and to anyone out there that either shares teh same or has the knoweledge about my questions.

Thank you,

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Swedish researchers tracked 271 Finnish patients between the ages of 65 and 71 who didn't have any sign of Alzheimer's disease at the start of the study.
Over seven years, 17 of them came down with the condition -- and the researchers found that those with the lowest levels of B12 had the highest risk.
Each increase in blood B12 levels by a single tiny unit -- called a "picomole" -- led to a 2 percent dip in Alzheimer's risk, according to the study in Neurology. What's more, the researchers found that every micromolar rise in the inflammation marker homocysteine upped Alzheimer's risk by 16 percent.
Since B12 is known to lower those homocysteine levels the answer here: Steak, steak and more steak, because it's loaded with the stuff.
Just make sure you serve them so rare, because well-done steaks can actually boost those homocysteine levels.
This isn't the first study to find that B vitamins can beat Alzheimer's
researchers have even found that those three Bs can actually stop your brain from shrinking, a key risk factor for dementia.
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thank you for the info , thats very helpful, i to have heard that B12 needs to be checked i take extra because my moms mom had it in her late 80 and now my mom has it she got it around 65 so  its very scarey for me so doing all i can to try and slow it down ,if am going to get it.

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I am so sorry your going throught all of this, and i can say its not easy being a only child and having to take care of your parents. as i am in the same boat as you.

my mom has all that you have said your mother has and they tell me my mom is in serve Dementia stages almost to last stages.   we to have to feed her and bathe her and change diapers, my mom has not walked in a month and shes very stiff cant move her much.   she also does not want to eat so we give her boost to help keep something in her . we give fuilds all the time thats very inportant.

plz dont take to heart what she says to you , she cant help herself, its not your mom talking its the diease, my mom has said some really hurtfull things to me but i know its not her my mom would never talk and act like that.

good on the center your taking her to, but yes it sounds like she needs full time care, its scarey to leave her there byself and her might try and cook.

we are here if you need to talk. hang in there.:)
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hi heartfluttersflyawayplz,

im aslo very sorry to hear about your mum. i dont know what is best to hope for you - and me - but courrage for now. It is a misery that they are in this way and we along with them to witness it in such a direct way. Trully sad.

What i need to say  here only to make clear of where the situation is just so i can gage my mothers stage in relation perhaps to you is that there are some differences.

When i say that i feed her, i mean i cook, but she uses her own fork to pass food in her mouth. I do help someitmes to get the food on her fork. So she is not yet feeding form a tube. she is chewing and swallowing.

I help bathe her. as in i lift her up form the tub. but for now she gets out of bed on her own and she walks.

she is constantly confused though and sleeps loads and has lost weight. she eats only a little bit every day.

You say you are an only child too. Have you got other people to help you? Do you go out to work or stay home with her. Are going to place in a home?

best of strength to you,
and thank you for writing to my post.

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i dont like to eat steak much will B12 vitamins do the job just as well?
any compromise ?  :  )
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goodmorning.  to answer your questions

we did have home health care coming in and helping me and my dad out for a while the county can set that up for you, see what your state has to offer. we got it when my mom went into the hospital with a uti and they set it up for us. so check with state or even the center she goes to maybe they can help you with that.

now we have hospica because the home health care can only help you if you are inporoving, but my mom will never walk again so there is no inproving so they sent hospica in.

thats a state thing to county thing so they are now on board. they will come in and bathe her and help with her care. but astill not the same as having a full time caretaker, but they cost so much.

plz check your insurane  and see what plan your mom is on as far as her medicare, if plan a hospica will do it and not charge. other words if your mom has worked enought to get social sercurty than she should be able to get on plan A  and hospica will not be a problem to start. my mom never worked so we are having to get her on it and its not been easy and is costing us 200.00 a day for hospica until shes approved.

i do work part time so when am at work my dad is here and when he works am here , we trade off, not easy but we do it .

we never plan to put her into a home. we want to keep her close to us so we can help her throught her end of life. we have signed a dnr which means dont bring her back if her heart stop beating, so she will never go to a hospital again, its very very hard to sigh that but like they told us, you will be bringing her back to suffer some more .

its a lot to take in girl, take it a day at a time. prayers are with you and your mother . hugs
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i  take stuff to try and better my brain. yes b12 vits are good to take also read/ learn something new everyday if you can keep your mind busy and apple cider vinger is also very good for memory. take 2 tablespoons a day mix it in a drink.
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Hey Everyone.
My mom is  physically challenged and placed  recently in a nursing home because of a drunk driver.
She suffered multiple bone fractures and head injuries.
She was bed-ridden for 6 months and  eventually became depressed.
Now she's on a wheelchair and diagnosed with  early onset dementia
due to the brain injury she sustained.
I understand  very well what many of you are going through.
Some tips that may help :
Assimilation is the key in  nutrition and supplementation.
You are what you absorb and assimilate, not what you eat!
We can all talk about the value of B12 supplementation and eating steaks, however, we need to understand that in elderly patients, the majority of them have compromised and inefficiently functioning digestive and G.I systems.
When levels are low, because of costs, inferior quality injectable Cyanocobalamin is commonly  prescribed, instead of Methylocobalamin or Hydroxylocobalamin, which are superior and safer (and more expensive).

An article,   in the Journal of Bacteriology, a peer-reviewed journal, called "Sterol Requirements of T-strain Mycoplasmas" by Rodham, Fend & Hayflick describes  how mycoplasma, a particle of bacterial DNA, has no body of its own and ordinarily it does no harm. However, if you have some kind of trauma, then the mycoplasma comes to life, starts to take apart the cell it lives in sterol by sterol, and it kills the host cell. That's called degeneration. One of the mycoplasma diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's or Parkinson's or fibromyalgia will begin to present.
The people who get affected, have a genetic predisposition to this.
One thing that prevents this is Coconut Oil.
When glucose supply  to the brain is inhibited, coconut oil is able to cross  the blood -brain barrier and supply much needed fuel to the brain.
If you have not read the book :Stop Alzheimer's Now!: How to Prevent & Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurodegenerative Disorders.  by Dr. Bruce Fife,
I suggest you consider reading it asap!

I have been consuming extra virgin coconut oil for years, and I must confess that this has contributed greatly to my wellness,  good health
and mental acuity. My oral health is also excellent as I do daily "oil pulling" with EVCO. Just do a search for it.

The a.c.v is something I take for many things, however, I did  not know it is very good for memory. Thanks for the tip! I use the raw organic with the
"mother" in it. It has helped my dad with his arthritis tremendously.

Take care Everyone!
Blessings to all!

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Hi Nikodicreta
i know about coconut oil and i haev been doing oil pulling a little. Do you knwo is there a difference between the white thick C.Oil form the liquid transparent stuff i bought fromt he homeopathic shop?
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Hi heartfluttersflyawayplz

Hi there, thanks for sharing yr details about how you manage. You are lucky to have your father. Mine died nearly three years ago so this is the cause of my mums down fall.
She hasnt worked ever but has a private insurance luckily i did that for her recently but it only covers hospital and big eaminations..

Im still confused as to wether its some huge depression or dementia. I reduced her take of Risperidone and two nights now she didnt have a problem with going to the toilet and hasnt wet the bed. Seems more clear headed. Perhaps some of these pills are just rubbish. As in they might help one things but cause damage in the rest. I'm thouroughly confused myself. she seems clear today. slow - as always -but clear. no hovering.

I live in Greece its a run down country speacially at the moment, so we dont have significant help. No one will come and bath her.. Best option is to find a home care person from Russia who needs housing and that way helps both ways. Those are actually the kindest people and cheapest.

Hope you have had a good day.
best to you,

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Yia Sou Isabelle. Hmm, Interesting we crossed paths here!

We have for my mom an "Apokllistiki" lady for half a day, 6 days a week
for 400 Euros plus "Dora" for Easter, Summer and Xmas.
She gets bathed and dressed, her hair groomed, walks (on her wheelchair)
and help with her meals. For the balance of the time the staff there is very good.
I just returned two weeks ago from there, as I live in Canada.
Coconut oil over 22 Celcius , liquifies, so it may be the same thing,
just at different temperatures.
I bought mine 2 years ago in Greece from Gaia, a health food store.
Extra Virgin Organic is the one to buy. This summer I brought some from
Canada, as I use a lot of it (and I really like mine!).
My best suggestion for your situation with your mom, is to keep working on yourself. When you are grounded , centered and your consciousness is raised higher, it will make a world of difference. Your mom will feel it and it will influence her in many ways, (not necessarily conscious or obvious  right away). Accepting her condition is very important, recognizing  also the contribution you can make for her and others in this world .

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thank you for your advice it is appreciated.
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