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I inherited a 2 y.o. bulldog of my daughter/grandaughters on Dec. 9th....yes 1 month ago exactly today....they've been holidaying it around the planet and gramma got to babysit.
what a unique little character...stubborn yes, always hungry yes....and yes needs lots of attention too.
I think I will miss her, but my cats sure won't!! the biggest toughest cat (Sami) hasn't left my bedroom for a month except at night when shes in her kennel to sleep...than he gingerly sneaks around and sniffs....the other kitty the smaller one (Nemo)...hasn't let her stop him for coming into the kitchen and starring her down..
So we will have our home back!
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I bet the cats are a lot happier now.  LOL  Mine doesn't like playful barky dogs either.  Before I got her and she was living with my friend, my friend had a neighbor who would come to see her and bring her silky terrier with her.  The terrier wanted to play, so he would bark and chase Akira.  He didn't understand that this didn't impress Akira one bit.  Akira would dive under the bed where the dog didn't fit and would growl and hiss at the dog.  Raking him across his face a couple of times with her claws didn't impress him.  He was still quite exciteable and wanted her to play and didn't get the obvious message "Leave me alone, you **** dog!  I don't like it when you bark at me!"  

Akira liked the dog she lived with, but he was a seeing eye dog, trained at the school in NJ and he took his training about not barking seriously.  Some of the well-trained dogs will still bark--only a little bit--but they will still bark.  But, not this dog.  He simply never barked--only once that I know of did he bark while my friend was still alive.  And, he had a good reason for barking, too.  Someone was acting suspiciously and he knew it.  He was protecting the young girl who took him out to do his thing when my friend was so sick that she couldn't.  I really liked that dog, too.  He protected me one time from getting hit by a car.  He knew I hadn't seen the car that was coming as I went to cross the intersection with him.  My friend said that was called "non-formal" guiding.  It was so cool that he did this for me.  He did this because he considered me to be his friend, too.  He might have even saved my life, since he kept me from getting seriously injured by getting hit by a car.  Pretty awesome, right?

So, it isn't that Akira never liked dogs at all, because she played with the seeing eye dog from time to time.  But, she is more like your kitties and doesn't like to be barked at and chased as if she were a squirrel.  I don't blame her.  I believe Akira would agree with Sami and Nemo.
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