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25 y.o. female - early signs of arthritis
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25 y.o. female - early signs of arthritis


I am a 25 year old female and am looking for any information on early signs of arthritis and how to know when it is time to see your doctor.

For the past three months or so, I have been experiencing joint pain in my right (dominant) hand.  A few of my knuckles almost feel like they are bruised when you touch them.  It really does not bother me too much except when I write and sometimes when I am chopping in the kitchen.  I am a grad student and have noticed that I really can't write for more than 10-15 minutes without experiencing discomfort.  Typing is fine.  I also sometimes experience pain in my wrists too.

I know that I have not been in any accidents or anything that would cause the pain in my hand, but since it is just on the one side, I am wondering if it might be too early to jump to conclusions.  What were your early signs of arthritis and when did you decide to see a doctor?

As a separate note, I also am taking Synthroid for hypothyroidism and I recently started to take Adderall (adderrall) for ADD.  I've been on Synthroid for several years, so I do not think there is a causal link, but maybe the Adderall (adderrall)?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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Hey NYCGal8784.
Welcome to the forum.

Adderall (adderrall) may increase the activity of neurotramsmitters, thus possibly amplifying the pain sensation on your right hand and wrist,  being your dominant side and the most vulnerable b/c of overuse perhaps.
There may some early signs of arthritis, however, it is premature to
arrive at any conclusions, considering the limited symptomology
and short history.
Try boswellia extract or Chondoitin, MSM and Glucosamine, some of the natural top anti-inflammatories that after taking for a few weeks, work better than any prescribed medications for pain management.

Is this a "study drug" or are you actually taking it for ADD?
In prescribing practice as of recent,  it is recommended as the last line of trearment for ADD symptoms when all the other options are exhausted.

Post again or PM me if you need details on anything.

Take care.
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Hi there! Like Niko said, there could be a variety of reasons for your hand pain. Thyroid problems and joint pain often go hand in hand; it's not unusually for autoimmune disorders like thyroid, fibro, RA, etc. to run in "packs."

You're definitely not too young for an RA diagnosis - I've had it since age 5. RA can start in one area and spread to others, or affect all joints at once; there is no one size fits all when it comes to symptoms or, for that matter, treatments.

Just to be sure, ask for a referral to a rheumatologist who can run a battery of tests - blood work, xrays, and most important, put hands and eyes on your sore joints to test for pain, redness, heat. Again, blood tests seldom tell the whole story so don't be surprised if the results come up "normal."

There is something called Hashimoto's syndrome, which is an autoimmune thyroid condition that can include joint pain.

In the meantime, try some adaptive devices to help hand pain. Orthopedic pens, or just really fat ones like the Bic XXL or Dr. Grip pens/pencils. Bean bag or gel wrist rests for your computer. Over-the-counter or custom made wrist supports might help, as well. A regular regiment of an over the counter analgesic could help, as well.

Hang in there!
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