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Please Help me walk rite
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Please Help me walk rite

I am a 42 Y/O man/father that feel 12 years ago through a roof and my screw gun hit me in the spine but did not go in or through my skin because I had a socket on it and not a phillips bit, Dr. said it would have killed me, and also landed on a busted cement block and broke 4 ribs. I have had MRI's and CAT Scans and have shown no broken bones, I did bruse my kidneys and lung which was pretty bad too. Anyway, I was messed up back then and now I think its still haunting me. Since that day I can not walk correct and people say I look like Robo Cop or have a stick up my but. I can't bend my feet upwards and legs are very stiff and my knee cracks or makes that sound when I turn leg sideways, and my new problem is my ankles and feet, I have been walking on the outside of my left foot so much I have a corn the size of a grape next to my small toe and my toes have curled inward like Hammer toes. Also my rigt ankle in the last week has put me on the ground three time, the pain on the right side of my ankle below the bone is messed up, i can be standing and out of nowher a pain will hit so hard it make that leg collapse and i hit the ground. This is making my life relly hard with three kids, 17,14 and 8. THey try to help out when they see me in pain or trouble but that makes a dad feel useless. I just need a litle help and info on what it could be. I forgot to tell you that the MRI showed that my main vein going up my spine had almost ruptured and had swollen and has healed in that swollen size which could be on my nerve there. Stress, cold weather, excitment or when I get in a huryy makes it almost imopossible to walk and my left leg will not bend at all. I always drag my left foot and when ciming down stairs both knees shake like im freezing but not. Doctor said it was knee cheese. Can anyone help me?
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Hi VCarey.

There seems to be 3 possible main issues associated with your injury.

1. Scar tissue formation probably affecting surrounding structures in many ways like: nerve impingement, pain, misalignment, restricted oxygen supply, limited range of motion, etc.
2. Onset of Arthritis.
3. Unresolved Emotional Trauma.

The most difficult to deal with is the scar tissue.
Check with a registered massage therapist to see if careful deep tissue massage preceded by a hot ultrasonic treatment would be appropriate for you, to soften the scar tissue, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce the pressure and hopefully release some of the pain sensation. There are not too many options for this one.

Arthritis. Follow a strict anti-arthritic diet, take natural anti-inflammatory
supplements like Boswellia extract,  Bromelain, Chondroitin, MSM, Glucosamine. Must take for a few months to experience the full benefits.
Just do a search online.

Have a complete nutritional panel done for deficiencies and also a minerals
TISSUE analysis-not blood test!

Emotional trauma must be treated like PTSD. You will need a competent therapist-usually energy psychotherapy and hypnotherapy produce visible
results faster than other therapies.

Hope this helps.
Wishing you well!

I agree with Niko - however, I would add Essiac.  I have no discs left (all ruptured) and Essiac has helped me tremendously.  (My orthopedist wondered how I am walking).  It is an old Osage Indian pain remedy which has the side affect of possibly curing cancer.  Available in tea or capsule form.  I prefer the capsules....
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