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Upper Arm Pain
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Upper Arm Pain

I have been having pain about med way between shoulder and elbow
for about 2-3 months.  This past month it has gotten much worst.
I have pain if I extend my arm to lift something, or move quickly.  The pain is pretty much constant.  The pain is hot and
throbbing, there is some numbness and tingling in my hand.  Pain
is sharp and severe with sudden movment. If I apply pressure to the area it hurts.
I have not injured my arm in anyway that I can remember. It is
my left arm so I can't see it being and over use injury.  There is no elbow or shoulder pain. a local GP suggested it was tennis elbow but I don't agree if there is no pain or problem anywhere near the elbow and I don't
do any activites that would contribute to this type of injury
It has gotten to the point that I can't reach for a glass of water with out severe pain.  If I lift something with out thinking I will drop it.  Do you have any idea what could be going on?

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Hello - thanks for asking your question.

Without examining you it is impossible to say what is going on.

However, if you haven't done this already, I would suggest a neurology referral.  Saying you are prone to dropping objects from your fingers, it may suggest weakness caused by nerve dysfunction.

I would obtain electrodiagnostic testing (EMG) to ensure there are no problems with the nerves.  This can be obtained via a neurologist.  An EMG can determine whether there is nerve or muscle damage.  

If the neurology referral is non-revealing, an orthopedic or rehabilitation referral (either via a physiatrist or physical therapy) should be obtained to make sure there is no musculoskeletal damage.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
I was really plagued with same pains and the worst was , besides trying to raise arm to mouth or comb my hair-horrible at certain anles and once through the pain could usually if did not stop reach on up higher- bad bad in mornings after sleep as was my ribs and parts of chest even with breathing and a cough was really pain like to me arthritis in rib cage or spine where some nerve endings getting touched( a hard concept for me my big toe or foot hurts or severe itching used to be on rt ankle-and lowest leg at sock ht-was in my back at lower discs(all great now and I credit bike riding for getting me through that horrible sciatica- but back to shoulder-arm: it was worst at night often setting in after asleep, like it tokk 10-15 mins to aloww nerve to get touched and spine curvature relaxed so like hot needles in left arm!! closest pain ever like it was when young going to Korea and getting Jap Encephalitis shots in muscle of arm!! any way I used or was given amitriptylene to help reduce pains and let me sleep, and I was on Naproxen for arthritis of knee(that's bad and I am fighting getting replacement w steroids injects, antiinflmatory and codeine(5 mg with acetamenophen but must be very careful with last as am alcoholic and will hook easy, Im sure! The amitryptilene and Naproxen reduced most of night pains but as with most artritis, stiffened up in sleep and hurt like hell in morning when awakenining- maybe a jar of some kind, or a scaling over with Cal or minerals, or something- mine went away(sore arm) all on its own it seems-- Im not bothered at all by it and most of time take 50 mg amytriptelene at bedtime and one or two 500 mg naproxen during day- but dont think these are for arm at all now. I am not a doctor and as doctors told you work with orthopaedics, gp's and neurologists- oh I never got set up but there are apparently physical therpy programs for this condition ad I was being scheduled for them when no longer bothered by the pains there.
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