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BIRADS 3 second time
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BIRADS 3 second time

I am 50 and postmenopausal. I had a bizarre series of breast issues in 2011. In May, I developed Mondor disease in my right breast (frightening experience, because 4 drs. failed to diagnose it initially).  Diagnostic mammograms, extra spot compressions and US for the Mondor's found two suspicious areas in addition to the Mondor's for which I was recalled in 6 months (findings below)  The Mondor's has completely resolved, but I understand there is a 2 - 12% correlation with cancer.

From report: "The breast is fatty with fibroglandular densities  predominantly in the upper outer quadrant. 1. Again, in the periareolar region  of the 9 o'clock position, in the middle third of the breast, there is an oval and parallel to the skin hypoechoic mass.  It presents mild posterior acoustic enhancement. It currently measures 9 x 3 x 9 mm.  Although previously, it measured 8 x 4 x 7 mm, it is better circumscribed on today's  scan.
This probable complicated  cyst has slightly increased in size in the interval, although it is better circumscribed. Accordingly, another  six-month follow-up right breast  ultrasound is recommended.

2.  The retroareolar asymmetry originally noted rnammographically has not changed significantly in the interval.   The combination  of this and the absence  of suspicious sonographic findingss on the right breast ultrasound performed in June  2011 is very favorable. Accordingly, and  in the absence of any clinical concern, I would recommend the patient to attend for bilateral diagnostic mammography in June 2012. Future recommendations will be given at that time. "

Should I wait 6 more months or get a second opinion right now?  I am very anxious about this. I have no family history of breast cancer; no previous abnormal mammo's or recalls.  

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Dear Jesse1188,

Thanks for the query.

I would like to reassure you that the findings at present are suggestive of a benign (non-cancerous) process One of the lesions is probably a cyst, which has remained the same more or less over time, and has only become more well-defined over time, which is quite reassuring. The retroareolar thickening has also remained the same. The ultrasonography which was done earlier for this, also showed findings suggestive of a benign process.

As you have already had two mammograms over a period of six months and one ultrasonography to start with and both investigations showed features suggestive of benign findings, there is nothing that you need to be worried about at present. You don’t need a second opinion right now.

Considering the overall picture, I think you are doing absolutely fine. You just need to be on regular follow-up, with maybe a mammogram after six months and then yearly thereafter.

As far as Mondor’s disease is concerned, it is a rare condition of the breast and hence is often diagnosed with difficulty. It occurs due to thrombosis (clot) in the veins with surrounding inflammation. While the exact cause is unknown, however some cases have been associated with breast surgery and even breast cancer. It is not exactly clear how much risk it carries for subsequent breast cancer, as most of the patients who had breast cancer, were diagnosed with cancer either before or at the same time as they were diagnosed with Mondor's disease.

I hope I have answered your query. I will be available for follow up queries.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Indranil Ghosh
Thank you for your reassurance.  Now I can sleep at night again.  I forgot to mention I do have Factor V Leiden and had inflammation after a cat scratched me badly on my chest a few days before the Mondor's cord appeared. I will go back for the recommende follow-up in 6 months.  
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