Small red spot on breast
by 1scared girl, Jun 12, 2004
I am sorry to bother you again with my problems,people with much more important issues than myself need to be here,instead of me.I posted last week re. small,red,dry feeling spot on breast.It is on left breast,inner-lower quadrant.I have totally convinced myself it is IBC,I have read way too much. I do NOT have a red,warm swollen breast,just that small red spot. I have implants and due to a little weight gain,my underwire bra does not fit properly at all.It "rides up" and the breast actually hang over it. The spot is exactly where the underwire comes up in the cleavage area and abrades the skin. I know this sounds ridiculous,but could it be since I am allergic to nickel,this underwire has nickel in it and since it is rather worn out could have caused this spot on my skin,it looks and feels just like the callous,leathery spot on my wrist from continuing to wear a watch that I am allergic to? I am really scared and grasping for answers.I have worried non stop for 2 weeks. Last mammo and exam in March was normal.Have you ever heard of IBC starting out as a small,red callous feeling spot on skin,it is no bigger that the top of an eraser head and irregular shaped,not an elevated lesion,nor would I call it a rash. Thank you so much,I promise to quit bothering you.
by CCF-RN,MSN-JS, Jun 14, 2004
Dear 1Scared girl, From what you are describing this sounds more like a skin irritation.  It does not sound like a scenario of inflammatory breast cancer at all.  Why don't you look into changing your bra style, and getting a properly fitting bra?  This may alleviate the irritation and clear up the problem.  If despite the change, this area causes you more problems, does not go away or worsens - you might want to have it looked at by a health care professional.
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by surgeon, Jun 12, 2004
Both I and the official answerer here have told you pretty much the same thing: what you describe sounds like a skin problem and nothing at all like IBC. There's only so much an online answer can provide. Since you are still frightened it seems the most logical thing is to be examined by your doctor, a skin doctor, or a breast doctor.
by minimina, Aug 31, 2008
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