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Question for the doctor

Hi doctor - A quick question for you, i hope you can help me.
Will try and explain my situation best i can,

Im 30 year old male from UK - im a person fitness instructor

The start of june this year i noticed alot of BRIGHT RED blood on my stool and paper. Also i started to have really bad stomach pains, taken to A and E (ER) on 3 occasions.
after the weight loss and into july i started to gain back weight (but more on my belly i feel) and its not october and ive not bleed in 2 months atall.

The pain is constant and now it feels like its over my Liver the pain is in the liver area.Also i have a really bad stiging itching sensation under both armpits , and i little pea sized lump under my left armpit.
Im also so tried all the time.
Ive had loads of tests including 4 x LFT tests where my ALT was 77 now gone done to 44 and B/rubi is 22 My doctor says they are abit high but fine.
Other tests ive had are
HIV = neg
Hep a b c = neg
Sigmoidoscopy= fine
Camera down throat - hyutus hernia (small)
barium meal - fine
barium enema - fine
Full abdominal ultrasound - fine
chest xray- fine
stomach xray-fine
My specialist saying its IBS but i really think its a liver issue. could this be live cancer???

if you need any more info please ask i hop ive put enough down

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Any1 got any info  for me?
Avatar n tn
august 25,2009 i got ultrasound and the  Doctor found out that i have a bilateral small cystic breast on my both breast,they found no calcification seen ,the areola complex are intact and no axillary adenopathiess noted,she tolr me to repeat my ultrasound after 6 months if it is become bigger,2 weeks later i noticed that i have an armpit lump  and it become bigger so i started to worry its tender to touch and no pain .please help me to understand this I am 34 single  female.
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