After spaying my cat
by ExpectingaRedhead, Dec 07, 2007
I just had my 7 month old spayed yesterday. She was out of it the entire night. She peed herself. This morning I went to check on her and she is definitely moving way more than she did yesterday. But her eyes just look different and she is acting more needy. I didn't get any pain medication. Is that necessary? How long until spayed kitties start acting normal again? How do I handle her? Is picking her up going to hurt? When can I clean her stomach? She has leftover blood around the incision area. I left her in the bathroom overnight with litter, food and water, and it looks like she didn't touch any of it. She is crawling all over me and purring, so I am wondering if she is feeling any pain. How long should I keep her separated from the other cats in the house? They like to play fight.

I feel so bad for having this done, and I hope she will still be the same kittie...  :( Thanks for answering any questions!
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by April2, Dec 07, 2007
I would definately keep her away from the other animals for awhile until she's healed, especially if they are active and would be jumping on her. You don't want her incision to get pulled. She will be sore for awhile. Don't worry about getting this done. With the overpopulation we have in the world, it's best to get them fixed. She will be a happier cat too. She will be calmer. Just give her time to heal. I had a couple of cats fixed. Don't worry, she'll bounce back. Just remember, she just had surgery! If you just had surgery, you wouldn't want to play right away either! It's normal for them to not want to eat right away either. I know I didn't want to eat the day after I had surgery. I wouldn't worry about cleaning her right now either. You don't want to be pulling around the incision area. When she feels up to it, she'll start cleaning herself. The tricky part is keeping her from pulling at her incision. Did they give her the kind that dissolves? It's been a few years since I've had a cat get fixed. I'm not sure what they're using right now.
Just watch her and give her hugs and extra attention right now. She's still your kitty! :)
by ExpectingaRedhead, Dec 07, 2007
I think I'm just worried because when I had her brother neutered, he was fine after a couple hours. I guess her surgery was more major than his was. Her stiches are internal so they dissolve. She just seems sooo fragile. Thanks for your advice. She will be getting lots of extra love.  :)
by April2, Dec 07, 2007
Yeah, it figures. Us females always have it worse. Even with us humans it's major surgery to "get fixed" where as with a man it's just "snip, snip" and they're outta there! Lol. Somehow that doesn't seem fair, does it?
Just try and keep her warm and comfortable and try to keep her from jumping up and down on things. I know, easier said than done!

I just picked up Sweet Pea from the vet this morning. She just got fixed yesterday. She seems fine, just a little sleepy. I put her in my room with a blanket on the floor and some litter and food. I'm going to keep her in my room for awhile since the kitten we have still likes to play and jump on her. You're right! They do use the kind of stitches that dissolve. I found that out this morning. Just gotta treat them gently and give them some luvin for awhile.
Hope your kitty starts feeling better soon!
by dove3053, Dec 07, 2007
I think your kitty will be fine. Maybe a little spoiled   :)

by ExpectingaRedhead, Dec 07, 2007
Ahhh yes, she is very spoiled and pampered. You wouldn't guess it based on how sweet and loyal she is. She is doing better now. The medication wore off finally this afternoon it seems and she has started to clean herself. She just hasn't pooped yet, but she hasn't eaten much since Wednesday night when I had to cut off her food supply before the surgery. She still has a lazy kind of look in her eye, but I'm sure that will go away.

Ya april, they told me that her stiches were internal, so that's cool that we don't have to worry about having them taken out.

When can she be bathed? We usually bathe our kitties at home. She peed herself when she was passed out from the medication and she got her fur all wet. So she needs a bath!
by April2, Dec 07, 2007
They told me when I picked up Sweet Pea today to not bathe for up to two weeks post op. Let me share the list they gave me:

*Surgery lowers body temperature. Keep your pet warm (normal room temperature) for at least 7 days after surgery, even if it is an outdoor animal.

*Check the surgery area for any discharge or oozing.

*Lift your pet evenly to avoid discomfort.

*Do not put your pet on a bed or high place after surgery.

*No runnng, jumping, or roughhousing.

*Pet must be put on a leash when outside.

*Females in heat must be isolated from males for one to two weeks after surgery.
*Males still have the potential of impregnating females up to two weeks after surgery.

*You should be concerned if your pet shows signs of listnessess, refuses to be with people, or displays major personality changes for more than 24 hours after surgery.

*If you have a general feeling that something is wrong - please call us.

*No suture removal is required unless otherwise instructed.

*Do not bathe for two weeks post-op.

Food and water: Excessive food may cause vomiting. Offer only small amounts of food and water until the day following surgery, and then return to normal. Do not be concerned if your pet has a poor appetite shortly ater surgery or does not have a bowel movement during the first 24 hours.

I'm surprised they didn't give you a paper like this. It does sound like your kitty took a long time to come out from under the drugs. I'd watch that if she should ever have surgery again.

Sweet Pea did great! She got fixed Thursday afternoon and they kept her overnight at the vets. I just picked her up this morning and she looked a little sleepy, but now she's acting great! I'm surprised how well she's walking around. I don't know how they think we can keep them from jumping up on things though! She's been jumping up and down on my bed.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this list with you. I hope it helps. I know you're dying to give her a bath. There's bathing cloths you can buy at PetSmart. Maybe you could just use the bathing cloths for awhile. Remember to keep her warm, though!
Take care.
by ExpectingaRedhead, Dec 08, 2007
Wow, thanks! Ya, I got NOTHING from this vet. I have never been there before and probably won't go back again. All she did was hand me the cat and say she will probably be out for the next 4 hours. I wasn't told anything else. I had to call back to ask if I have to bring her back to remove any stitches. GRRRR....oh well!

I noticed my cat was very cold after surgery. If I had known it was from surgery, I would have done more to try to keep her warm! And ya, my cat hasn't sit still since yesterday afternoon. :) Thanks for the info on the bathing too! I will let her take care of herself for a couple weeks.  :)

Glad your kittie is doing well!
by Bugsybunnyfoufou, Dec 26, 2007
I had my two male cats neutered five days ago.  They woke up and were back to a somewhat normal energy level withing 24 hours.  I didn't expect them to be running around, etc... and they are not.  But they are alert and seem to have gotten back to their habits, although definitely resting more.  One of them also peed on himself (in my car!!! - yuck!K!K) on his way home from the surgery and I know I'm not supposed to wash him until he's back to "normal."  My problem is that they both started throwing up when they resumed eating and drinking liquids.  It is now five days post-op and they are still throwing up (about 4 times a day).  I called the vet when vomiting started 48 hours post-op and they said to bring them in for de-hydration concerns.  But since the cats are still drinking and eating, despite vomiting, I'd rather not bring them into a hospital where they are more likely to pick up viruses.  I'm just wondering how long I should wait out the vomiting.  (The cats don't seem weakened yet.  they are 2 1/2 years old and in excellent health despite this temporary situation.)  I'm just wondering if they picked up a stomach virus in the hospital, or are having a reaction to anesthesia or nervousness.  One of them (the one who started vomiting earlier) has started showing a little blood in the vomit (mostly bile).  Has anybody out there had a similar situation?  I have a feeling that they might have been given a lot of anesthesia material because they are almost like feral cats and past vets have had trouble sedating them and finding their veins.  Post-op, the vet tech apologized to me because they said one of the cats woke up early and was very scared and charged the bars in the cage and beat up his nose pretty bad.  I had told them that the cats would need restraint.  I was surprised that they didn't restrain them post-op  too (?? - I'm not sure if it's just something required during pre-op and operation).  Does anybody have any insights?  The paper I got from the vet said that vomiting might be normal initially (I assume they meant for one day after the procedure).  But now that it has continued for four days past that, I am a little concerned.  My instinct is to wait it out another day or two to see if there is any improvement.  I just want to know if it's possible for a cat to need a week to get the stuff out of his system instead of just a day.  I"ve also tried feeding them rice and boiled chicken, but as they are not used to this "neutral" food, they are not eating it.  They are just eating their normal food (Fancy Feast wet "fish" recipes, and Science Diet Nature's Best dry food).
by tomsmomtoo, Feb 06, 2008
My new kitten was spayed 6 days ago, she has a pretty awful infection.

Looking back:
I should have kept her in a dog crate the first 24 hrs post op.  She was very active and I think that the handlers at the vet were not clean.

I am really sad to see her kind of butchered in a way.  The underbelly is very swollen with the infection and a reaction to the stitches.

She continues to try and scratch there because it itches.  I am not sure how to handle that.  Her paws are dirty obviously and then she touches her open wound where the stitches came apart.  The Vet just says it's looking better and we are on antibiotic.

Anyone have suggestions?