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Clothing sensitivity, so hard to get child dressed , only getting worse...
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Clothing sensitivity, so hard to get child dressed , only getting worse

My 6 year old daughter has the worst time getting dressed each day.  It started when she was about 2 1/2 with her socks.  Later her panties added in and lastly her shoes.  I have to buy everything too big for her, and it's still a huge fight.  She doesn't even want to blow her nose because she doesn't like how the tissue feels on her face.  She's missing out on lots of activites because she refuses to wear the shoes. She also has diabetes now, so it's extremely important for her to wear them to protect her feet.  We tried to show her how she should tighten her velcro down on her shoes tonight, and she screamed and kicked like she was being killed, and said she thought she was going to throw up.  We are at the end of our rope with this, and would appreciate finding out what the problem is here and if there's something we can do to help her.

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This type of tactile sensitivity or tactile defensiveness is usually a form of sensory integration disorder. It would be wise to have her evaluated by a pediatric occupational therapist. If this is a symptom of SID, the therapist can help with a course of treatment.
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My 10 year old daughter also has this clothing sensitivity.
Relax...don't fight it....she will be fine. I know this because I also had it when I was a kid.  I am now 51 years old...a college grad and a success in life (as much as I can be ha)
My mother used to make me wear wool socks, fancy lace dresses and other clothes that made me "scream" inside!
When my daughter exhibited the same sensitivity as I did...I told her that with some people it was NORMAL!
For school, she wears clothing that is comfortable for her....when she gets home...she puts on her shirts inside out...because the seams hurt her.  We live in Florida, so she can
wear sandles when she gets home and not tight sneakers with socks.
Give her choices...let her know that LOTS of people are sensitive to different kinds of will make a complete difference that you understand her and she is OK!
Yes, it DOES take a LONG time to shop...and softer clothing with seams that don't protrude are found in the more expensive places, so her clothes WILL be more expensive.  I usually shop at the GAP...cotton ONLY for these kids!  I also wash the clothing at least two times before she wears it with softener...
I use doesn't seem to have the dyes that others do.
Good luck!

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