My 4 year old admitted to sucking another boys penis
by Prissy11, Oct 29, 2010
My 4 year old told me that he and his dad's girlfriend's 5 year old sucked each others penis on two occasions.  I asked him when was the first time he ever did that.  He said with another boy (his dad's girlfriend's friends 6 year old son).  This has all happened under the so called "supervision" of his dad (we are divorced).  I am devastated and would like to know what to do about this.  I have called a child psychologist (of course they don't work on Fridays) and left a urgent message for them to call me on Monday morning.  

My ex-husband and I split custody (he gets our child a week, then I get him a week).  Since this is all happening in my ex-husband's home and under his care, I really don't want Jackson to go back over there until we get some help.  

What to do?

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by cheshchesh819, Oct 29, 2010
Whilst i know all children do explore,this is different,your son is only 4 and has obviously been shown this as he would never know about it,i would not let your son back to your ex husbands house until this is resolved,i would phone your husband and ask to speak to him alone,this is terrible something def needs to be sorted,i would also speak to a solicitor about changing the custody arrangement until you get to the bottom of it,i wish you every luck and please keep me informed as this will play on my mind.
by Sandman2Blank, Oct 29, 2010
  Yet, your profile states that you are a male 42 year old?