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Cholesterol, a waxy, fat-like substance, is important for you body, but too much in your blood can form plaques that sticks to artery walls and narrow or block your arteries increasing your risk of heart disease. Discuss topics including cholesterol’s link to heart disease, how to maintain a low cholesterol diet, and treatment methods for lowering your cholesterol.

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Reduce Cholesterol Level

I am aged 65 yrs Male. On seeing Lipid Profile Test my Cholesterol level is

Total Cholesterol : 199

Triglycerides       : 359

HDL                   : 42

LDL                    : 86

VLDL                  :71

I am not a sugar Patient, i have got BP lastly i have checked BP level as follows  

8/9/2011   140/90  for that i am taking Amlong A for the past 10 years

Doctor advised me to lower the cholesterol level  he prescribed to take Tonact TG for 30 days  and i am consuming it form 14/09,  I request you to advice me in this regard  
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Welcome and thanks for your question. Your numbers are not really all that bad, everything looks good except your TGLs unless you have other risks for heart disease and a statin such as Tonact TG does not usually help lower TGLs. As you most likely know, your TGLs should be under 150. Normally a doctor will prescribe a fenofibrate like Tricor for TGLs, but I'm sure your doctor has weighed the risks and benefits for you in making his choice, but it may be worth asking him.

The fastest way to lower your TGLs is by cutting back on empty carbs like sugars, breads, pasta and alcohol or anything that metabolizes as sugar. Also, try to avoid processed foods as well and stay with fruits and veggies, that should help get you where you need to be. Plus, this type of diet is good for your BP as well, just cut back on salt as well.

Hope this helps,

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Thank You for your valuable comets its is useful.  
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what ever Jon said is correct. Do not worry too much about your TG , but your VLDL is kind of high!
1- do not take anything that can turn into TG. take Jon 's advices - cutting back on empty carbs like sugars, breads, pasta and alcohol or anything that metabolizes as sugar.
2- loose some weight , by walking, yoga, meditation, do not run. do not sit after eating walk around the block of your house, the park , the beach.
Wearing warm clothes to make you sweat. Let all the toxin out by sweating.
Do all of the exercise at least 1 hour a day.
3- Drinking green tea, good one!
4- Try other alternative remedies.
5- eat fish, nothing frying at all!
Cut all of that. you are still young and you will live in a healthy and happier way.
Please do all of the above as long as you still can do it and still breathing!
we have only one life, make the best out of it! enjoy life to the fullest in a healthier and happier way!
God bless you and take care!
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