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Bulging Disc
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Bulging Disc


This is Nishant Shah from India. Even I have developed a mild bulge in my L4-L5 and L5-S1 and it compresses my Sciatic nerves.

I am grateful, that in my case it got detected very early, as I had been taking pain killers, but the pain my right leg was persistent. So immediately thought of visiting a orthopedic and now its detected that mild bulge is compressing my sciatic nerves

Doctor has recommended me to do some stretching exercises and strengthen my core muscles of back and abdomen. And Even I have started practicing few of the postures of yoga and mediation and walking for half an hour every day. All these things are helping me to alleviate pain

But some days there is no pain in my legs or back, but some days my calf muscles get severe cramps or some days there are nerve convulsions in both my legs.... But the frequency of cramps and nerve convulsions are more in one week , while in second week it reduces

Can anyone guide me , as I in the state of recovering or anyone is going through the same type of problems


Nishant Shah
Hello,reading your post is like looking at my medical records when my journey with back pain began,mine was a bit more complicated but we are talking same place of pain  L4 L5 ,L5 S1  With Sciatica.  I used to discribe the siatic (sciatic) pain as if someone took a rubberband and was pulling it as tight as possible then connecting it to an electrical current.   I know what you are talking with the leg cramps..awful.  I am glad to hear the stretching and strengthening excercises are working for you.  If the leg cramps keep up,discuss it with your dr,he can give you something for muscle spasms which dr gave me flexeril.  I only took it at night before bed because that is when it seemed its worse.  Keep up with the excercises,and if you see no change,or a relapse,be sure to tall your dr.  In the beginning it was the sciatica that let me know something was wrong,I really had no back pain...that came about 6 months later.  My therapist said the thing to think about is the discs are compressed,the goal is to take the pressure off those discs,so stretching is important.   For back pain have you tried heat or ice?  I prefered the ice,my therapist thought I was nuts but the heat caused the pain to get worse.  I am trying to think back to everything I did in the beginning to really pain meds,and therapy(excercises),and keeping open communication with your dr.  And it is important to tell your dr of anything you think is diffeent in pain,muscle spasms,numbness...just any changes in how you feel.  Good Luck. :) I think your headed in the right direction.
Thanks for your comments Mary....

And its good to hear from someone who has undergone such pain....

My pains / spams/ cramps are not everyday.. but it is infrequent.... so doctor is not able to make any judgement....

However, yoga poses and physio stretches are helping me a lot .....

Secondly, my doctor thinks that I am on recovery mode and spams/ pain/ cramps are not because of bulge disc, as I can do forward and backward bends without any stretch or pain in my legs

He doubts whether I might be affected with high level of uric acid or deficiency of vitamin D3 or b12

Me right now only waiting for results

Hoe you too get a soon recovery and diagnose it as early as possible
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