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Results of PFT explanation
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Results of PFT explanation

FVC (L) 5.69 3.46 60%
FEV1 (L) 4.27 2.52 58%
FEV1/FVC(%) 75 73 96%
FEV3/FVC(%) 89
FEF 25-75%(L/sec) 3.36 1.63 48%
SVC (L) 5.69 3.46 60%
IC (L) 3.82 2.49 65%
ERV (L) 1.87 0.97 51%
TLC (Pleth) (L) 8.22 4.71 57%
RV (Pleth) 2,65 1.25 47%
TGV (L) 4.40 2.22 50%
RV/TLC (Pleth) (%) 34 27 78%
DLCOunc (ml/min/mmH) 40.41 26.50 65%
DLCOcor (ml/min/mmHg) 40.41 27.56 68%
DL/VA (ml/min/mmHg/L) 4.92 5.34 108
VA (L) 8.22 5.16 62%
Hgb (gm/dL) 12-18 13.3

Please explain readings.
Thank you
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Assuming that your effort in the performance of this testing was satisfactory or optimum, and the conduct of the testing was technologically sound, the results suggest what is called Restrictive Lung Disease, with a very slim chance that the results are at the lowest limits of normal.  In other words, the volume of your lungs is reduced, there being a fair number of causes of such a reduction.  The opinion of a lung specialist, one familiar with your symptoms and overall clinical status, would be much more likely to be valid than any interpretation based on the numbers alone and his/her educated assessment may require further testing such as a CT Scan of the Lungs..

If anything, “normalization” of the diffusing capacity when corrected for your actual lung volume, is encouraging.

Good luck

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Thank you. I have since heard from my doctor at the VA and they gave me the same answer you did. They are suppose to be setting up further test.
Again, thank you.
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