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Holistic Health response to vibrations in the pelvic floor of the body....
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Holistic Health response to vibrations in the pelvic floor of the body.

Interesting to see that when we experience strange sensations in our bodies, like these vibration sensations in the pelvis and genital areas, that we are conditioned to immediately respond from a fear based judgment, expecting that something is "wrong" with us . One of the reasons that doctors are having a hard time identifying the cause of this vibrating phenomenon may be because it isn't happening in the muscles or even the nerves, but rather it is a manifestation of even a more subtle part of our Being, our Life Energy Light Body, aka Kundalini/Chakra  System, involving our "Chi" in the Nadis channels. We may want to consider  that we could be evolving at the most fundamental level of our being, at the template level that then affects the evolvutionary changes of our physical bodies, (being that its at the level of the first and second chakras.)  This may be the experience of the Kundalini awakening.
I have experienced this also, and eventually it may raise up through the whole sushumna path, (Tree of Life inside the Tree of Knowledge or spinal chord.) As this happens it raises our frequencies for what can be some very positive life enhancing responses.
What if our expectation, our mental and emotional responses to this phenomenon is what determines whether it will be constructive or destructive?
I would suggest that you try Kundalini or Kriya or Tantra Meditations and Yoga exercises. You may also want to try either a Thai healer or an Accupuncture healer, as both work with the Life Energy channels. The overall objective not being to make it go away, but rather understand it, work with it for the best results in your overall transcendental transformation.  I would also suggest that you gradually take note of any underlying changes in your dietary interests, and set off upon a quest to become more loving and accepting of your entire Being, body, mind, heart, spirit and soul, and true to your interests, which may also be changing in an evolving way. You may discover you are naturally beginning to migrate towards healthier foods and other life interests and choices. Give yourself a chance to explore these changes in interest without fear that something is going wrong.  Definitely learn more about Tantra and sexual energetic love making. In learning and understanding more about these ancient spiritual/sciences and their applications you may discover you have nothing to fear. This will allow the process to run its course, all the better for you! However, if you remain fearful, constricted in your energetic response, you may just as well end up using this same power to manifest your very fears. Knowledge is probably the best key to the best of outcomes.
The Universe, our galaxy, our planet and all the life on it, including us humans are going through an evolutionary change of expansion. Open up  to it. Do your research from a perspective that's a little less fear based and see what happens.

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