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Normal size of Abdominal Aorta
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Normal size of Abdominal Aorta

What is the average size of a abdominal aorta? I was previosly told I had a 3.5 aneurrysm via ultra sound. I recently had a CT angiogram with contrast the results said my abdominal aorta is 2.4cm in the transverse, 2.5 in mid, and 1.8 in distal. the results also said there is no aorta aneurysm. But it also says I have a benign adrenal cyst 1.8 cm and that I have Atherosclerotic plaque in the wall, iliac a femoral arteries.
Can anyone please tell me what this means? And do I have an anuerysm?
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Avatar dr m tn
Traditionally for the aorta, any permanently dilated section measuring 4.0 cm or greater in diameter has been called an aneurysm.

The definition of an aneurysm may also be based on comparison with the normal blood vessel size for an individual. When the permanent enlargement of some part of a blood vessel is at least 1.5 times greater than normal size, it may be termed an aneurysm. Applying this to the aorta, if an individual's normal aorta is 2.5 cm, then dilation of 3.75 cm or greater represents an aneurysm in that person. A variation of this defines an aneurysm when the enlarged aorta is at least twice its normal size.

From your measurements, I don’t think you’ve got an aneurysm.

Adrenal cysts are very rare and they are detected incidentally and in majority of the patients nothing actively is done and they are treated conservatively with a regular follow up. They are non functional and don’t pose a problem in the majority.

Atherosclerotic plaque is a collection of fat which gets deposited in the blood vessels and it’s quite common in everybody and nothing much to worry unless it’s occluding the blood vessel or occupying at least 50% of the lumen of the blood vessel.

I sincerely hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards.
Avatar f tn
Thank-You so much for your explanation. Your explanation was direct and easy to understand.
Sherry 19
Avatar n tn
My recent CT scan revealed a 3.9cm aortic aneurysm and a 3.5cm right iliac aneurysm.  

My civilian doctor says operate my VA doctor (Professor of Vascular Surgery for two civilian hospitals) says wait 6 months.

Should I pursue surgery now or wait?  I'm quite worried

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