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Razor blade pain and bleeding
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Razor blade pain and bleeding


    I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids about 4 years ago.  The past few weeks I have had a lot of abdominal cramping pain and pressure, including increasing tailbone pain.  When I have BM's it feels like I am passing razor blades and bright red blood is always present and clotting part of the time.  I went to my family doc 2 weeks ago because of an external protrusion.  She said it looked like an external hemorrhoid with a skin tag, but I can't get into to see the general surgeon for almost 4 weeks.  The abdominal pain is getting worse, I am having hot flashes (post partial hysterectomy 2003), blood is present on the toilet paper and in the stool even without a BM and I am getting worried.  At 37 this seems abnormal...
That sure sound familiar, but I'm not a doctor. So, my first response is to get to a doctor. If you can't get to one, go to the emergency room of a hospital. You will need a Gastroenterologist first, rather than a general surgeon in this case, I would think One who specializes in Crohn's/Collitis, and such autoimmune diseases would be preferable.

Some things to know before you go:

1. FREQUENCY of trips to the bathroom for a BM, or "whatever may be coming out" (mucus, blood, etc.).

2. Color of the blood, and amount (if any) I took pictures, because it scared the he)) out of me!

3. Any other pains, aches, or symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, eye problems, rashes, mouth sores. Just write down the things that you are feeling, even if they have been subtle changes over the past months or years. Have you awakened from sleep to find blood on your clothes, or sheets?

4. Recent medical findings like anemia, low vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, etc. if you know of them. I'm sure they will do blood work, though.

From my personal experience, I thought I was having blood from an internal hemorrhoid. Well, it just got worse FAST, and I was very wrong. That feeling of "razors" you described was (FOR ME) the shredding of my intestinal lining from the inflammation associated with a very sever flare up of Crohn's Collitus. It was painful, and scary, but you can get help, and relief. Fear in this case it a motivator to get to a doctor.

A white to yellow mucus in the stool, and an abnormal (more than usual) number of bowel movements are signs of inflammation in the intestines (Colon, Small intestines, or both). Your doctor will likely do a colonoscopy and/or sigmoidoscopy  to better determine what is going on with you. That is a primary tool for correct diagnosis. Don't let them do less than that in diagnostics. If they don't suggest a "scope", go to a doctor that will.

Just don't linger, or wait when you have blood coming from your insides. Trust me there. That isn't something to "assume" is just a hemorrhoid. ALWAYS be certain by getting examined. I had to learn that the hard way.

Best wishes for a quick recovery, and relief...

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