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please help if u can answer question
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please help if u can answer question

I was diagnosis with Chrones after i had my first daughter at 21yrs and was doing well but no could give me a staight answer whether or not my daughter could develop chrones and now i'm even more scared becouse i has anouther daughter, i'm guessing there is a chance but i'm the only one in my family with Chrones so i'm thinking it might skip them like everyone else in my family.
I've asked there DR to do test but they will not till they show signs.

So my question is can u develope chrones symptoms before 20yrs and are they the same as adults?
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I somehow don't think you have to worry about your daughters. I got Crohn's at 24 yrs old, in 1970 - and although there is significant research that says Crohn's is possibly hereditary, it is only anecodotal.

I had a twin brother who died of a malignant brain tumour at 50 yrs old, have a 65 yr old elder sister, and neither them, nor my parents had Crohn's. However, my Dad died of colon cancer at age 59 yrs so I know I am at high risk for my Crohn's turning to cancer. I am now 63 yrs old, and doing fine after many flares and different medications. My father had 7 siblings, and as far as I know, none of them had Crohn's, nor their children.

Your Drs are quite right in not ordering invasive tests unless your daughters show symptoms, as they should not be subjected  to invasive colonoscopies or endoscopies unless they  have symptoms.

Yes, you can get Crohn's before 20 yrs, evidenced by some of my Crohn's & Colitis support gorup where some members have children as young as 6 yr being dx with Crohn's. None of the parents  had Crohn's ...just because your parents had a particular disease does not usually mean their children will have it.

The difficulty with children younger than 20 yrs being dx with Crohn's is that the treatment with steroids stunts their growth.

Don't run before you walk. It can be an exasperating journey.

Take care.
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