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Bay Delta Conservation Plan not really designed to save the Delta
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Bay Delta Conservation Plan not really designed to save the Delta


"SACRAMENTO - State legislators today asked for an immediate halt to all efforts to implement the Bay Delta Conservation Plan to export more Northern California water south to reportedly save "the imperiled Delta."
This came amid calls from California's Congressional delegation for the resignation of Gov. Jerry Brown's leader of the plan that would build two massive tunnels beneath the Delta.

While speaking with Tom Stokely of the California Water Impact Network at a meeting with Northern California's Native American Tribes on Monday, April 15, Natural Resources Agency Deputy Director Jerry Meral said, "BDCP is not about, and has never been about saving the Delta. The Delta cannot be saved."

In response, the following statement was signed by Senators Lois Wolk, D-Davis, Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett D-East Bay, and Assembly Members Susan Bonilla, D-Concord, Joan Buchanan, D-Alamo, Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, Jim Frazier, D-Oakley, Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, and Mariko Yamada, D-Davis:

"Recent comments made by the top administrator of the proposed Delta tunnels plan only serve to confirm what many have known for some time, that the poorly named Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is not really designed to save the Delta, but is primarily focused on exporting more water from the North to the South, in clear defiance of the legally mandated co-equal goals that include water supply reliability and Delta restoration, as well as reduced reliance on the Delta.

"Dr. Meral's comments, made in a rare moment of candor in a remote location, reveal why Northern California communities have been locked out of the development of this plan, and why more thoughtful and affordable alternatives have been repeatedly brushed aside. Dr. Meral told the truth, and while his resignation may be appropriate, the far bigger problem is the BDCP itself, and the rush to push it through without full public review, legislative approval, or oversight by anyone other than the water contractors behind it.

"Accordingly, we state legislators call for an immediate halt and reassessment of the entire BDCP process. It's time to reassert the proper legislative role in the most significant water project proposal of the 21st century."

Wolk, a vocal opponent of the twin-tunnel plan, added in a statement of her own: "This feels like it could be the 47 percent moment for the BDCP, when an off-camera candid comment reveals more about what's really going on than all the carefully crafted sales pitches before it.

"The truth always seems to find a way of getting out. And when it comes straight from the leader of the project it carries far more weight than when it comes from a critic like me."

All this so people who've chosen to live in a desert (LA) can fill their pools and water their lawns.

And so 'water contractors have product to peddle.

Infuriating. Jerry Brown has shown himself to be a real turncoat.

"Accordingly, we state legislators call for an immediate halt and reassessment of the entire BDCP process. It's time to reassert the proper legislative role in the most significant water project proposal of the 21st century." -------------------------------------------------

I hope they succeed..

What does Stokely mean," the Delta cannot be saved?"
He admitted the whole thing was just a sham?
California taxpayer money being used to make a small group of individuals rich, implemented under the guise of 'conservation' when in fact it's doing just the opposite.
Brown is not a turn coat.  He is a politician.  A wealthy politician, and is doing what politicians do.... He can be held accountable during the next election cycle.  

P.S.  Don't vote for anyone who has worked under the guy either.  These snake pits run deep.
I would have to make sure not to vote democrat or republican in that case, which I think is the direction I am heading in anyway. I really don't like these party politics.
The problem is large populations living where they have no business living. If you move to the desert, expect it to be DRY. Don't come crying to me because your grass turns brown. MOVE SOMEWHERE THAT HAS MORE WATER.

Any species that taxes the environment to the point the ecosystem can no longer support it, is asking for trouble.

Don't build a community at the top of Mount Everest, then DEMAND that the gov't build an escalator because you're having trouble getting your groceries home.
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