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Can a Root Canal result in a red, enflamed, painful rash on the neck an...
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Can a Root Canal result in a red, enflamed, painful rash on the neck and face?

About two months ago I had an accident and my front tooth came out.
The dentist was able to reinsert the tooth and a few weeks later performed a root canal.
Within a week after the Root Canal a rash developed on my neck and around my eyes.
The rash grew very painful and the dermatologist gave me prednisone which helped.
By the time I completed the prednisone the rash was not painful or as enflamed.

I then made a second trip to the dentist to have the tooth prepared for the crown and a temporary crown put in. A week after the dental appointment the rash returned, almost as enflamed and painful as the first time it occurred.

The dermatologist prescribed more prednisone but it has had no effect on the rash.
I am not taking any other medication.
I am a very healthy woman 52 year old woman (except for the rash).

The rash is currently very red and enflamed and extremely painful (9 on a scale of 10).

Is it possible that the rash was caused by the Root Canal or any dental procedure?
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a root canal shouldnt directly cause your symptoms but it could be some kind of stress reaction.
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