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Cosmetic options for bad teeth
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Cosmetic options for bad teeth

Hello, I am an adult male and recently I have talked to my Dentist and been referred to an Orthodontist with the goal of getting braces. After receiving a quote, he told me they would take 24-30 months and that it would cost $6600. This is really almost out of my price range for a cosmetic procedure, and the amount of time that I would have to spend with braces on really doesn't seem attractive to me.

My question is, what do you think could be done about my teeth? I have attached a picture with views of my teeth from the front and both sides. My largest problem with them is that my front teeth stick out which makes them appear disproportionally large. What the braces would do is move the other teeth back, and tuck in the front teeth.

I was wondering if it would be cheaper to have some reshaping done to the teeth around them. I am not that worried about the fact that I have some overbite, the main thing that bothers me is the disproportion in my mouth.

What I was thinking of doing is:

-Shaving down the front teeth a bit to remove the mamelons and possibly make them smaller
-Using veneers or dental boding on the surrounding teeth (to the 2 front teeth) to make them appear proportionally correct

Do you think these procedures could give me decent results? What kind of price do you think I would have to pay for this? Are there any other procedures that could help fix the shape of my teeth?

*At the moment, I am not worried about the bottom (where I have 2 baby teeth that never fell out). I am simply going to get them bonded to make them larger and eventually a bridge to replace them when needed.

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I would recommend posting this type of topic in the doctors' forums. :)
(Ask the Expert Forum, right hand side "Ask a Doctor" forum)

A few quick thoughts though.
The price may depend on where in the world you are.
Always shop around, if you have been referred it does not mean that you have to stay with that same orthodontist. Do your research.

"Shaving" the central incisors, umm it may do more harm than good. Enamel shaved - less protection - more % of having caries (cavities).
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