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Normal symptoms after scaling & root planing?
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Normal symptoms after scaling & root planing?

I had my deep cleaning about three weeks ago and and everything went kind of good until 4 days ago I started to notice weird symptoms and can't find information anywhere.  

Categorized as moderate perio with favorable outcome. Pockets range from 3.3-5.55

On and off My teeth feel like they are tight or pressure on them and kinda of painful, more irritable. It's the whole tooth and it's my front lower. 

I never bled before my treatment or right after. Now my back gums by molar are starting to bleed (started today) and the gums and tooth feel irritated. I noticed blood was coming more from between two teeth and not directly on side of gum-line

I can grab one tooth And it very slightly moves. Dentist said that's normal

On and off the gum will feel irritated

I noticed not all of tarter is gone but A LOT of it's gone. I think maybe he couldn't do it all because of the crookedness? And behind front lower it feel more rough

He did my cleaning in 45 min for all 4 quads.  I thought scalings took min two hours?

What's going on here? Did he not clean enough or deep enough? Teeth falling out? Deep cleaning just wasn't good enough?

Back gums are receding worse.. I read this is normal

I'm brushing two times a day (soft)
Waterpik 2-3 times a week
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It sounds like you're doing a great job with the hygiene.  There may be an issue with your technique or possibly with the alignment of your teeth.  Your dentist should be bringing you back after weeks after the deep cleaning to re-evaluate the gums and check on the healing.  He should also probably do any necessary cleaning at that time and will make his recommendation for further treatment (if the deep cleaning hasn't resolve the issue) or a maintenance program to prevent further problems and avoid further deep cleanings.  

It sounds like the area isn't fully healed.  I would try to do what you can to maintain the health of the gums.  You may want to call and ask your dentist about your symptoms.  He may want to prescribe a mouth rinse.  It does taste bad though and it stains your teeth like coffee but that can be polished off.

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Thank you for the response.

I made an appointment to go in today for a follow up and I will see what he says.

The dentist did say of course you can see visually I need braces but he has stressed without braces there's a high chance my symptoms will not improve because of the teeth being crooked.

I may ask for a referral to a specialist because I don't have 100% faith in this dentist. He didn't make the follow up appointment and said come back in 6 months
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