will cipro help my abscess in my gums
by shellypos, Apr 06, 2010
For the past 2 yrs. or so I have not had dental insurance. I have six teeth that need to be surgically removed. they keep getting infected and I'll take antibiotics to take the infection away. Eventually of course it comes back. I can tell its coming back because I feel generally ill through out my body. Sometimes I get scared that i could die from all the toxins in my blood. Three of my infected teeth are from root canals that were never finished. The other 3 are from cavities never fixed.  So instead of "A" tooth hurting I have my whole gums inflammed and hurting extremely bad. I've taken so many antibiotics in the past couple or so years that some don't do anything for me at all. "The 'cillin' one s.  I am scared and don't know how much longer I can take this. It also has MAJOR affect on my self esteem. I don't smile. And avoid having conversations with anyone while looking them straight in the face. Please, help me

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by scottmaBlank, Apr 07, 2010
If these teeth are hopeless and non-restorable, extraction is the best strategy to eliminate dental infection permanently. seeing a dentist is advised.
by donnast, May 02, 2010
It would be nice if anyone would answer if cipro is an ok antibiotic for a tooth infection.  I had a crown come off and dentist said I needed root canal. they tried but said root was too narrow and I had to go to specialist.  They gave me a prescription for amoxil for one other tooth, but I didn't6 fill it because it was just sensitive one day.

But now the one they were working on has flared up and the gum is swollen and red.  since obviously its an infection the question I have seen asked MANY times but not answered is:  Is cipro an OK antibiotic  (since I have it on hand and its currently midnight)
by Cycl3Chick, May 03, 2010
The only ways to treat an abscess is either root canal therapy or extraction.

The reason for the antibiotics is to help treat the pain and to keep the infection from spreading after treatment, but does not actually treat the source of the problem.

Cipro is not normally prescribed for abscesses and its best to take the antibiotic prescribed since you would need to take a full round.  Also, the antibiotics do expire so your cipro might not even be good anymore.

Something else to consider is that taking antibiotics chronically for long periods of time can cause secondary infections and weaken its affect if you have to take it for another serious infection.  Its one reason why we get "super" bugs that are resistant to treatments.  So if you keep taking all of these antibiotics all the time, then when you really need them, they wont work.