Bright red rash inner elbow, neck, armpit etc.
by sooz3, May 02, 2008
i developed  a bright red spot on my right inner elbow about month or so--looks almost like a burn. it was mildly itchy in the begininng and grew to about the size of a half dollar. looking further i noticed 2 small red bumps on the calf of my right leg -non itchy. the 2 bumps now have developed a  slight crust/scab. i developed a couple of red itchy spots with a couple of tiny dots on right and left base of my neck. both armpits have bright red spots about size of a half dollar. i called doctor and she recomended i try benedryl or hydorcortezone. i did and the areas seemed to improve i.e. some fading but still not completely gone.. now it looks like my left inner elbow is starting to get a spot to include a tiny red bump on lower arm. i also found a crusty bump in my scalp. i've never had anything like this before and am not taking any new medicines or using new soaps. Any ideas? thanks.
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, May 02, 2008

How old are you?

I suggest that you seek consult with a dermatologist. Differentials here will be a nummular eczema , fungal infection and psoriasis.

These are just differentials. A complete assessment will be able to help establish the diagnosis. Nummular eczema as the name implies may present with round and coinlike rash. The rash may be wet and itchy. A fungal infection may also resent with a red rash and itchiness. A psoriasis may not necessarily present with scales. A specific type of psoriasis usually involves skin folds and they may present as a red rash devoid of scales.

A complete physical examination will be able to help. Just avoid using any harsh and abrasive cleansers over the area for the moment until this has been evaluated by your physician.

by sooz3, May 03, 2008

I appreciate your help.  I am 55 yr old.

question for you:  I got a fairly sever bite on my left foot from my cat about 1 1/2 months ago. i had trouble walking on that foot for a couple of days. i think she bit a nerve there. it healed.  is it possible i could have aquired an infection of some sort from her bite?
i have never had anything like this before. i just found a couple of new tiny red spot/eruptions this morning-  


by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, May 03, 2008

Yes, you may be able to acquire an infection through a cat's bite. In your case, was there any associated fever or enlarged lymph nodes in certain areas of the body?

Was a consult with a physician done immediately after the cat bite?

The cat's saliva may harbor organisms causing an infection. The skin condition you are experiencing now may not be caused by the bite. It may be a separate skin condition with a dermatitis or an eczematous disease as primary differentials. If you have several pets a home, insect bites caused by mites and fleas may also be considered.

I suggest you have this checked by a dermatologist.A  referral to an infectious disease specialist may help given your medical history.
by sooz3, May 03, 2008
hi and thanks again for your advice.

no, no fever or enlarged lymph nodes that i remember.  i forgot to mention that around that same time frame as the bite i did some bathroom floor to crawl space renovations in a century old home.  the contractor said there was mold present there eventhough i didn't notice it.
i plan to call my md soon.  your input has been very helpful.  
by StephenS13, Oct 03, 2008
Hello, i have four separate rashes.

One on the bottom of each wrist and one on the inside of each elbow.  They look almost perfectly symmetrical.    The two on my left arm appear redder/bumpier/bigger than those on my right arm.  I think i had one or two like these before, years ago maybe.  They itched a little at first.  They are basically a reddish dry patch of skin, kind of roundish.

I have not seen a doctor but i tried looking online just to figure out what i have.  I cant get a clear answer, i dont think its a big deal but i would like to make them go away if possible.

thanks Vanessa
by Capelobster, Jan 22, 2009
I have the EXACT same rashes and I just got diagnosed with tinea incognito. For 3 YEARS I had been seen by 3 dermatologists and they all sent me away with stronger steroid creams, after spending a year using Lidex with only minor relief, I decided that I was sick of it.
Today after a skin scraping, I find out that a case of ringworm I had almost 4 years ago was never fully treated and I have been strengthening it with sterioids!

Google tinea incognito and see if that seems to fit you.