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This forum is for questions regarding Dermatology - rashes, acne, birthmarks, skin infections, rosacea, and general skin care.

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newyorklatino3 minutes
Ss1680May 18, 2015
KatKatKatyAug 10, 2014
WeezerbabyMay 30, 2013
By toothhunter Blank
I live in a northern climate and every April I visit Myrtle Beach, SC. After a couple of days on the beach, I start ...
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Johnsee57 minutes
stageplane3Jul 15, 2007
By Vegas one time Blank
I currently have small bumps on my neck (each side) just under my hair line behind and beneath my ear. they dont h...
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Hope23452 hours
By caelumos
Hey all, I was involved in a minor car accident two days ago (Friday) and the airbag gave me a nasty friction burn on...
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Hope23452 hours
maddyj24Apr 18, 2013
Bhupinder Kaur, MD Jan 14, 2012
zzs4121Jan 10, 2012
By zzs4121 Blank
I know I shouldn't have done this, but the the other day I was scratching and picking at a mole. I stopped, but the m...
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By Saleerxwa
Hi first I am uncircumcised and I am a diabetic so I don't know if that is part of the problem okay I have small bump...
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Splodge1314 hours
Splodge1315 hours
Splodge13May 27
Splodge13May 26
Splodge13May 23
By Splodge13
Will my penis glans skin recover after using hydrocortisone 1% cream? I began using this cream in February 15 for abo...
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muffn4320 hours
WEhave6Mar 30
FilipSiFeb 04
91MouseMar 10, 2015
By J1992 Blank
[18 Year Old Male] 5ft 10, 172lbs, 8% BF - Just to let you know im not overweight, very active, bodybuild and do n...
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By awhealth
I've had this very dry patch of foreskin on my penis for about 2 years now. I have tried using moisturizers such as a...
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VicRUMay 29
K9fanMay 06
VicRUApr 13
By M7166 Blank
there is a spot on my nose that i've rubbed raw washing, trying to get these "things" out of my pores. these are not...
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SchatakJun 08, 2010
CatherineAllanahNov 16, 2009
cjbissAug 29, 2009
BhumikaMDMay 25, 2008
By mannem Blank
Hello and thank you for any help you could provide me with! I am totally clueless as this is the first time I ever ...
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mithumjMay 29
alex0306Jan 19, 2015
Malloy_brownApr 01, 2014
DenscSep 20, 2013
By unknownuser Blank
For the past couple of months (6 months+) i've noticed a few bumps on the shaft on my penis, its obviously something ...
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By TheSoapMan
Hello! I own a soap company. I won't post the name or web site here because I don't want this to look like spam. ...
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By Martin122
My doctor told me that I should take Benadryl 50mg in the night and Reactine 10mg in the morning to relieve my hives...
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stppsp123May 28
stppsp123May 28
stppsp123May 28
stppsp123May 28
stppsp123May 28
By wonderingandcurious Blank
Hello, I have always had this issue since i was a teen. I have oily skin (scalp, face, arms, shoulders, chest, leg...
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Eeyore888May 28
nehell10May 25
LJLTMay 23
Eeyore888May 22
By Lee357 Blank
About three weeks ago, I started noticing something that I could not see jumping on my arms when I would sit on my so...
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Rterry06May 28
By Rterry06
It starts out as tiny bumps then they start to clump together some. Then they will become HUGE blisters I between and...
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AutootVuMay 28
NIKKI1992Jul 07, 2009
L19Jul 29, 2008
Dr_AparnaJul 28, 2008
By L19 Blank
I have these small bumps on my ring finger that are filled with pus. There is no distinct coloring to them. It kind...
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By Pattiewagon
Hi, I just joined last night and wanted to see how this site works and sign up with the communities that pertain to...
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VicharrisJan 24
melankfordDec 30, 2015
MelisendeBOct 20, 2015
By tatrobyrd Blank
for about 6 months now i have had this itchy spot on my upper right arm within my tattoo. once i start scratching it ...
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tokara79May 28
AnLiinJan 10
OkjackDec 17, 2015
darcydarlinDec 09, 2015
By Mysia Blank
I can not believe that so many people have the same lip issue. I got my first dry patch on my upper lip about 5 month...
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