Brown spots
by sweetbwio, Oct 08, 2009
Hi there,

I've been noticing the appearance of brown spots on my skin. I first noticed them on my face; one spot above the lieft side of my upper lip, one on the right side of my nose, and another spot (a bit bigger than the other two) on the rightside of my forehead. I was subscribed 2.5% PWD/KETODERM Compound at the beginning of September and have been using it for a month now... I think the spot on my forehead as improved, but the other spots seem unchanged. The dermatologist never quite answered what caused the dark spots, so I was wondering, what caused it? Is the cream effective?

P.S. I've now noticed some more spots on my back.

Thanks in advanced.
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by Bhupinder Kaur, MDBlank, Oct 09, 2009
It can be due to tinea versicolor. Tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus that lives in the skin of almost all adults. Factors that can cause the fungus to become more visible include high humidity and immune or hormone abnormalities. Treatment involves topical and oral antifungal medicines. Most cases of fungal infections respond to over-the-counter products, which contain any of several basic ingredients: miconazole, tolnaftate, terbinafine, ketaconazole and clotrimazole. You can consult a pharmacist and get any cream or lotion containing these ingredients. Some of them are Lamisil, Monistat derm, Mycelex, and Nizoral. If the symptoms persist then please consult a dermatologist.

I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts. Kind regards.