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Bug bites: mites, bed bugs, scabies, fleas?
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Bug bites: mites, bed bugs, scabies, fleas?

Hello. A few days ago, I began noticing that my youngest daughter and I were waking up in the morning with what looked to me like bug bites (like mosquito bites. raised or swollen itchy red spots). I first noticed them with my daughter when changing her diaper (she is 18 months old): she had red, itchy bumps in her groin area. a day or two later, she had some on her legs, her shoulders and her armpits. I began having them on my chest, shoulders and behind my knee.

I have checked the beds and cannot see anything. We removed the sheets, put new ones on and still, we wake up with bug bites (her in her crib and me in my bed). my wife, who sleeps in the same bed with me, has no bites.

yesterday, i was doing something with my mobile phone when i saw a tiny speck move across my hand. on closer inspection, it was a bug. i was able to catch it and tape it with some scotch tape to a piece of paper. i scanned the bug in and blew up the scan several times (see attached). i don't know if this type of bug is the cause of our problem, or if it just a random bug i happened to pick up somehow.

i have new bites today and am going crazy. am looking for a dermatologist now, but was wondering if someone could already help or identify the bug in the scan.

many thanks!
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Avatar n tn
Those definately look like bed bugs to me.
They typically feed at night and are so flat they can hide in cracks and crevices so that they are undetectible.
However, if the opportunity to feed during the day occurs, they will come out. You can carry them on your clothes, bag, pretty much anywhere.
They are extremely difficult to get rid of and almost impossible to do on your own. I had the problem in Feb $1300 for a three session extermination (once a month) and lucky me is having the samme problem right now.

good luck
Avatar f tn

The picture looks like bed bugs.

'Treatment of bedbug bites is aimed at relieving symptoms. Bites usually resolve within one to two weeks.

    * Apply a topical cream, such as cortisone, to relieve itching.
    * Avoid scratching to prevent infection.
    * Consult your doctor if you have severe reactions. An oral antibiotic may be recommended if infection occurs. Oral corticosteroids may be recommended for severe allergic reaction.
    * Take antihistamines if needed to help relieve allergic reactions.

Once your symptoms are treated, you must tackle the infestation.

First, you'll need to freeze pajamas, sheets and other bedclothes for at least 24 hours or launder them in hot water of at least 97 F (36 C).

Vacuum the area of infestation daily and freeze the vacuum bags for 24 hours. Insecticide sprays such as dichlorvos, permethrin and malathion must be used around cracks and crevices in your home. Lawn and garden insect control sprays may contain these insecticides, and garden stores may have permethrin. '

You could read more about this at the following links -


Let us know about how you are doing. Consult your doctor if your symptoms persist.

Post us if you need any other information.

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