Can fungus go into your blood stream?
by KerryLynne1, Jul 19, 2008
I have foot fungus and nail fungus, now I have tiny black spots on my skin and brown spots everywhere.  Is it possible for the fungus to go into your blood stream and effect your entire body?  Thanks for the help!

                                                                   ♥Kerry Lynne♥
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by Dr_Aparna, Jul 20, 2008
Mycosis (plural: mycoses) is a condition in which fungi pass the resistance barriers of the human or animal body and establish infections.
If conditions permit then it is possible for fungi to spread from the original focus of infection to other body parts.

What you have described could be a pigmentation disorder. Though it is possible for fungi to cause skin manifestations they are usually present with certain distinct characteristics.

Superficial fungal infections  affect the outer layers of the skin, the nails and hair.
Subcutaneous fungal infections involve the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis, subcutaneous tissue and even bone). The causative organisms normally live in the soil living on rotting vegetation. They can get pricked into the skin as a result of an injury but usually stay localised at the site of implantation.

Fungi that invade the blood stream cause systemic fungal infection sof the body. Systemic mycoses may result from breathing in the spores of fungi, which normally live in the soil or rotting vegetation or as opportunistic disease in immune compromised individuals.

You will have to get these spots evaluated to reach a definitive diagnosis.
by blzngsam, Aug 01, 2010
My daughter has large boils forming under her arms and was told she has a fungus growing in her blood causing the boils.Ids there a name for this and how could she ahve gotten it?