Damaged Skin on Penis
by Ahmed987, Dec 13, 2007
i was making out with a girl and as we were dry humping, i was rubbing my penis against her while wearing boxers and pants, as i was doing that i felt a harsh burning after a while, and the next day my skin was red and somewhat raw looking. Now it looks like a scab, its a dark spot of pretty much dead skin, and today when i was erect, the scab kind of cut and riped and it hurt a lot and bled a little, i want to know how bad this is and what i can do to fix this and how long will it take to heal and will it leave a mark on my penis? The skin is damaged towards the top side of the bottom of my penis!
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by Caliber2005, Dec 13, 2007
How are you feeling now?
Have you started applying anti-bacterial or anti-fungicidal cream?
It can be normal phenomenon also. It will take 2-4 weeks to heal and till that time you have to abstain from any kind of sexual activity.
Alternatively, Bumps on the penis may be signs of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Painful blisters, bumps, or ulcers may be herpes. Genital warts (HPV) can show up as bumps on the penis. Syphilis also can show up as painless ulcers on the penis.
The skin on the penis can get irritated. And it's often hard to distinguish normal bumps from those caused by an STD.
I think you need to consult dermatologists at earliest.
Hope this helps.
by Ahmed987, Dec 21, 2007
Well, i have not had any sexual intercourse for that matter, so it is not STD's. Its just as if u had a rug burn and then you are left with a scab of some sort on your skin!

But thank you, for the help, its not STD's.... its just the rubbing of my penis against a rough surface that has caused this, so what should i use to heal my skin?
Thank You Very Much,
by loiloi, Dec 21, 2007
I would treat your penis very gently, bathing in a gentle product such as Oiltum or Eucerin bath oil. I would use Sudocrem, a nappy rash cream also indicated for other skin conditions. I would not recommend the type of intimacy you decribe as "dry humping". Have you chosen to abstain from sex for a particular reason? The best way to enjoy sex or non-penetrative foreplay such as masturbation is for both partners to be lubricated. If this does not happen naturally use lubrication such as KY jelly. When you do decide to have sex, there are a range of condoms available some which provide extra lubrication.