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Dry scalp and flaky skin near the front of the hairline
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Dry scalp and flaky skin near the front of the hairline

I think because of the extremely dry cold weather, I've been using very hot water in the my scalp has been a bit dryer than normal. Especially near the front by the hairline, its got a white flaky look to my scalp and I've also noticed a very pink look to the skin around the area which also has been flaky.........

What's happening to me and what should I do? I tried tea tree oil on the flaky skin, but I don't think its helping much......

Will switching to a Selsun blue or dandruff shampoo help? What should I do about the pink flaky skin around my hairline? Any help is much appreciated. Its not itchy or irritating but it does not look good and I hate having flaking. Thank you
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It can be due to dandruff which can be due to internal or external causes.

Dandruff can cause either an overly dry scalp with itchy white flakes that may be waxy or greasy, or it can manifest as an oily scalp with scales.
Internal causes include hormonal imbalance, poor health, poor hygiene, allergic hypersensitivity, lack of rest, emotional stress, excessive consumption of sugar, fat or starch and heredity predisposition.
External causes include excessive use of hair sprays and gels, improper use of hair-coloring products, cold weather and dry indoor heating, infrequent shampooing of the hair or inadequate rinsing of the scalp and hair. Sometimes it can be due to fungal infection/ring worms also.

Eat a healthy diet. You can also take vit B6 and vit A and E which are good for hair and skin. Try medicated shampoos for dandruff. There are a number of over-the-counter shampoos available that can help. The most effective ingredients -- antimicrobials -- to look for are zinc pyridinethione, selenium sulfide, sulfur and ketoconazole (also available by prescription). If your hair is colored, don't use products with selenium sulfide or sulfur.

If the symptoms persist please consult a trichologist for the confirmatory diagnosis and treatment.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.

thank you very much. i'll try your suggestions.......however its been happening recently and i haven't changed my food habits or gels at all.........i'm even wondering why its happening recently.
I have the exact same problem, only that im ONLY itchy and flaky in the front of my head, above my forehead about 2 - 3 cm into my hairline. That is the only place. The rest of my head is 100%. It is irritating me so bad thats why i ended up googling it. I haven't changed my diet and i have used the same Shampoo and conditioner for years and never had a problem. I have tried a diffrent sham + Cond thinking it might be that but it still carried on. I dont use wax, gel or hairspray in my hair either. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, sometimes every night. Depending on the mood of this madussa head of mine hehe. But i really hope we find out what it is cause it just started out of nowhere... If you find anything please let me know.
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