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Dyshidrotic Eczema or Herpetic Whitlow ....
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Dyshidrotic Eczema or Herpetic Whitlow ....

Hello Doctor / Doctors,

I've recently broken out with small blisters on both hands. started with one single blister on inside of my left middle finger.  i'm interested to know your opinion on whether this is more likely to be dyshidrotic eczema or herpetic whitlow.  i'll describe them here ......

-- on insides of a few fingers (3 on left hand, 2 on right hand)
-- on top of index and pinky of left hand @ last digit in small clusters
-- a couple on palm / heel of hand
-- do not rupture or bust ( it was tricky, but i popped one and it went down and is healing )
-- are not painful, unless i irritate them
-- itch seldom, but do sometimes
-- all of these tend to dry up in a day or two, and then get harder and some of them darken, then some of the skin flakes
-- when the blisters form, it seem to be abrupt, as if one minute they aren't there, and the next they are.  i'm always surprised when i notice a new one, or group

i have a few general questions about this subject.  i'm trying to make these count, and ask questions  i haven't seen answered in other posts, as i've read as many as i could find on this subject on this site.  i believe these questions might clear up a bit of confusion between these two conditions.  i would appreciate it so much if you would give attention to each question.  i understand i can go to a doctor, but i can't see a dermatologist anytime soon, and am going crazy trying to figure out the big differences between these two conditions.

1. would herpetic whitlow blisters ever consistently NOT bust/rupture/break open, yet still keep forming in many places, day after day?
2. would herpetic whitlow blisters ever consistently go away in a day or two, or at least start to dry up?
3. in the case of herpetic whitlow, is it possible for single blisters to pop up all over, in different places, on different fingers, on palms, and not in clusters?
4. w/ herpetic whitlow, is it possible to consistently have many small flesh colored (clear) blisters (not red or seemingly inflamed or infected) popping up on a regular basis that cause no pain?  it seems that without pain or redness, it would imply a lack of infection.  am i correct in this logic?
5. while i know that herpetic whitlow can spread from skin to skin contact (and i'm assuming this is possible between fingers on my own hand), how does dyshidrotic eczema spread?  many people on here who have it have mentioned it 'spreading', although maybe it was simply popping up in new places.  some of mine seemed to have popped up after contacting other blisters.  does dyshidrotic eczema spread by contact? (from one finger to the next, for example)

THANKS so much for the time you put in on these forums!  you should know it means a lot to people. i'll post some pics if i can get some clear ones


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i'm curious why some questions/threads that were created more recently than this one have been answered before this one.  are there criteria i'm not meeting in order to get a response?  just curious.  thanks for all the help. :)
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