Extreme Skin Sensitivity
by tiger_lily, Oct 01, 2010
I've been doing a lot of searching online and have been unable to find something that applies to what I'm experiencing.

Every once in a while (I haven't found a common trigger, except that sometimes it occurs a few days before my period) my skin becomes so sensitive that any stubble on my legs, scratchy clothing, even a stray hair laying on my arm is unbearable and annoying.When my boyfriend rests his chin on my shoulder, his stubble feels like needles on my skin.

Even when I don't have one of these "attacks," I have few sensitive skin, to the point that I can always tell when I've walked through a spider web, etc. Usually the extreme cases can be taken care of with a hot shower, shaving my legs and putting on lotion, so I always just kind of chalked it up to dry skin. However, last night, after taking a hot shower, shaving my legs and putting on lotion, instead of my skin feeling good, I had an "attack" with no explanation.

Added to this, I have become increasingly sensitive to textures, rubbing my fingers along something that has a strange texture (velour, etc.) makes me cringe. Any idea what could be causing this, and what to do about it?
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