Herpes or Hair Follicle
by matthew88, Jun 30, 2005
To whom it may concern, about 4 weeks ago I noticed 3 small bumps in my pubic region. I thought it was hair folllicutis (sp?) cause it showed up a few days after I trimmed my hair in that region.

However they grew a little and with a minor touch popped like a blister. There is a little blood that came out of one and neither seems to be going away.

There have been no symptoms on the shaft or head of my penis, and I have never had unprotected intercourse. I did recieve oral unprotected a few times, but the last one came a good 3 months before these bumps appeared.

1.)What does this sound like?
2.) I have appointments scheduled with both a dermo and uro, should I see both?
3.) If it is not herpes how do I rid of these bumps? If it is herpes shouldn't they have cleared?
by Alan Rockoff, MDBlank, Jul 01, 2005
If it were herpes, they should indeed have cleared.  They're probably folliculitis.  I suggest you leave them alone--no squeezing, which will make it harder to diagnose with certainty.  Then see the dermatologist.


Dr. Rockoff
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by Michael-1988, Jun 30, 2005
Sfter trimming my pubic area these little red bumps showed up, I have had unportected sexs before but these are recent and I have been absent for a year now and never noticed them before. They are like little red pimples and when I tryed to remove one it bleed, no weird stuff came out but blood. There is either hair growing really close to the bump or threw it, is this anyhting I should worry about? There no bumps on the shaft,head or scrotum area and they don't really itch.
by Michael-1988, Jul 01, 2005
Sorry, I didn't mean to invade your post, but it also sounds like we have the same thing... Again, sorry for invading your post.
by matthew88, Jul 01, 2005
not a problem. Dr, is there anything I can put on these bumps that would make them heal faster?
by cleofifi, May 15, 2008
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