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This forum is for questions regarding Dermatology issues, such as: rashes, acne, birthmarks, skin infections, rosacea, and general skin care. All questions will be answered by a medical professional.

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Bhupinder Kaur, MD Oct 14, 2013
By joseph1087 Blank
I have these small white bumps on the shaft of my penis. I am curious to see what they are exactly. I have not had s...
Avatar n tn
jessica&matt1987Aug 07, 2007
LyneJul 05, 2002
Alan Rockoff, MD Jun 27, 2002
By bin Blank
I found this black dot located on the palm of my hand. It is a very small black dot and is "buried" in my hand (insi...
Avatar n tn
Severus12May 22
tpoxfApr 11, 2015
cocobongoAug 21, 2014
kawhweeJun 25, 2014
take_it_easeOct 25, 2013
By take_it_ease Blank
Hi Three weeks ago I woke up to a patch of dry/flaky peeling skin on my penis head. It was whitish colored. I had...
Avatar n tn
Sara_AbdApr 23
Alan Rockoff, MD Jul 15, 2004
By oval Blank
I am a male in my early thirties. I developed a rash on the upper inside of each of my legs about 2 months ago. A...
Avatar n tn
bludruJul 09, 2010
needhelp515Oct 12, 2007
needhelp515Oct 12, 2007
delicatessenSep 26, 2007
By jagojon Blank
Doctor- Wanted your valued opinion on these pictures. I noticed these very small bumps 4 to 6 months ago. They have ...
Avatar n tn
tennisguy957May 04, 2010
jamie1995Jul 25, 2008
merciles33May 14, 2008
uberlightnowMar 22, 2008
By dragon63 Blank
hi for the past week i have had a problem with small, sometimes large bumps on my legs and in my groin region. they i...
Avatar n tn
By mnooskie Blank
About 2 weeks ago I awoke with an itchy rash on one arm. (No pain whatsoever, throughout this even.) From pics availa...
Avatar n tn
By Mistysmom Blank
I am in my last trimester of pregnancy and my 2 year old daughter has just contracted PRIMARY HERPETIC GINGIVOSTOMATI...
Avatar n tn
meikmanDec 18, 2006
Alan Rockoff, MD Dec 19, 2006
By meikman Blank
My son now going on 15 months was born 8 weeks early. He has progress beautifully. He is at 75% on height, weight, ...
Avatar f tn
DermaMar 15, 2004
Alan Rockoff, MD Feb 29, 2004
By 090308health Blank
Hi, I had a plantar wart that came up on my left foot about a year and a half ago. I bought some Dr. Scholls plantar ...
Avatar n tn
Helpmate2Dec 30, 2015
K. B.Feb 14, 2001
Amber L.Dec 14, 2000
laura whiteOct 28, 2000
WayneOct 18, 2000
By Kara Blank
For about the past two weeks, my skin has been very itchie. It doesn't look like a common rash. It's also not in on...
Avatar n tn
shedebDec 21, 2015
jeang518Mar 18, 2011
GimzieAug 09, 2010
micky106May 12, 2010
Sara12Dec 14, 2009
By Shinetrue Blank
my back was itchy one day and i thought nothing of it. but later that same day my chest got really itchy and i notice...
Avatar n tn
Vj7Dec 12, 2015
aaaaaaaarghBugsSep 21, 2011
confuse787Sep 01, 2011
starlight79May 15, 2011
jmia1Nov 06, 2010
By PacNW04 Blank
I have a contagious itchy face syndrome that makes myself and the others around me itch their faces, i.e.,(nose, eyel...
Avatar n tn
arene2215Nov 08, 2015
LweppFeb 23, 2015
Labadie52Jan 25, 2014
VJArnoldDec 17, 2013
testonetMay 14, 2012
By Nicki M Blank
For the last four years I have had a problem with my legs itching. When it started it was only an occasional problem...
Avatar m tn
boboritoOct 25, 2015
averagejoe9127Jan 22, 2011
johnbob345Jan 20, 2011
johnbob345Jan 19, 2011
By johnbob345 Blank
So here is my story. I shaved my scortum and penis before christmas, and had lots of rough sex. 2 days later I ha...
Avatar n tn
RnretiredOct 21, 2015
adas749Apr 27, 2012
aprilday24Feb 26, 2005
powpowFeb 18, 2005
concernedinlaFeb 17, 2005
By concernedinla Blank
I'm really concerned about a rash I have developed. I've had a rash for about two years in the crease where my t...
Avatar m tn
Medicman11Sep 22, 2015
By blisjohn Blank
i discovered i have bump around frenulum area of the penis but can not figure out what it can be because i am virgin....
Avatar n tn
nikfilSep 14, 2015
Alan Rockoff, MD Jul 17, 2004
By jgaer Blank
I had a small red bump come up about 4 weeks ago. It was hard but not painful and was about 3.5mm in diameter. Afte...
Avatar n tn
Uzo2009Sep 10, 2015
jill82Jan 24, 2011
jaysims22Mar 18, 2010
toni1939Apr 01, 2009
SaCaOct 27, 2008
By aaron007 Blank
Approximately 1 1/2 years ago, I received an injection of Kenalog ( i do not know the concentration of the solution) ...
Avatar n tn
thisdude1Aug 31, 2015
Alan Rockoff, MD Dec 12, 2007
By gallolizotte Blank
I have an almost perfect row of bumps around my corona, well almost all the way around, NEVER change size, but someti...
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