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Holes in face
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Holes in face

I have tried to research this online, but I could only find people who have holes in their skin because of acne scarring.
I have always had beautiful skin. Even during my teen years, I had only an occasional pimple. I always say this is because I have pretty dry skin all over my body, including my scalp. This causes its own problems, of course.

Anyway, a few months ago, I noticed that I have developed some blackheads on my nose. I bought a blackhead wash, and they've gone away.

However, now I've noticed I have holes in my skin. They seem to be only on one side, and they are in my cheek area. I don't have any zits, rashes, or anything (nothing I can see at least). I'd be very surprised if they are pores, because they are too big. I'm wondering if I could have hurt my skin by scrubbing with a blackhead wash (maybe my skin is too dry to use such harsh products...?)

Also, I think it's worth mentioning that my mother has these crater-like holes in her skin. I just want to know what they are so that I can possible treat/hide/ or learn to deal with them.

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Hyperpigmentation Removal treatments are used to eradicate darkened areas of the skin which may result from hormones, sun damage, injuries, skin-type characteristics, medications and more.  Hyperpigmentation lesions can be anything from melasma/cholasma often attributed to pregnancy or hormonal imbalances to freckles.

The treatments vary from melanin blocking agents combined with topical medications such as Retin A which causes the body to exfoliate the skin to rid the body of the hyperpigmentation while prohibiting new melanin production to laser treatments.  The treatments wholly depend upon your needs and skin type.  

For standard non-hormone induced hyperpigmentations Hydroquinone usually reduces or removes hyperpigmentations very effectively. It is a bleaching agent. Also always use sunscreen/sunblock as dark areas on exposure to sunlight turn darker still. For some patients with severe hyperpigmentation,surgical and cosmetic intervention may help.

Wearing sunscreen and avoiding the use of abrasive cleansers and cosmetics for the face may help. Get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet everyday.

It would be advisable to consult a skin specialist for your symptoms and a proper clinical examination.

Let us know if you need any other information and post us on how you are doing.

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