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Infected Insect Bite
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Infected Insect Bite


About three months ago I noticed three flea bites grouped together on my right hand. A week later it started to spread into a swolen rash with little bubbles of puss. The puss golden and sap-like. I beleive that I got the bites infected by scratching it while asleep. I have a dog that sleeps in my room and since then have been getting little bites on my arms and legs. I also have a lizard that is in the room. I know that the dog can carry fleas, but what about the lizard? Since the infected area began to spread, I have been treating it in different ways.
  The first month, when it grew puss bubbles, I soaked it in rubbing alchoal. The alchoal would dry up the puss inside and bring down the swelling. After I noticed that most of the puss and bubbles started going away, it turned into a giant scab. When it formed a scab, I began to do this routine on a daily bases: 1)Pour hydrogen poroxide and let it air dry on the wound. 2)wash off in the sink 3)apply neo sporin with the tip of my finger 4) place cotton pad/gaus over wound 5)cover with bandaid6) It has been three months now and although the infection stopped spreading, it hasn't healed much. What should I do?  
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You should stop trying to treat yourself and see a doctor.  Your picture looks like a contact dermatitis, probably from all the alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, and perhaps the neosporin.  Please stop all that, just treat the area gently, and see a doctor as soon as you can, because without anti-inflammatory, prescription-strength treatment, this is not going to get better.  With proper treatment, you should be good as new in little time.

Go tomorrow if you can.

Dr. Rockoff
Thanks for responding Dr. Rockoff. I went to see a doctor last sunday about this and was given antibiotics to take for 10 days. The doctor thinks that it is either some sort of bacterial infection or skin herpes. But we couldn't tell for sure because I can't afford a culture test on it because I have no insurance. If it is showing no progress in ten days, I will have to go back and pay for a culture test. I was told that it is contagous by skin to skin contact and now noticed little red bumps all over my body. I am worried that I spread it when I took a shower the other day. Also it is now on my lips. When should I expect the antibiotics to kick in? And how can I shower safely without spreading this further? Thanks
I'm not the doctor but I have had many ailments in my life, and can speak from a bit of experience.
If it's herpes, antibiotics won't clear it up.  I'm sure he told you that.

If it's an infection, antibiotics will.  

You can have a few things going on.
1. If you have bumps all over your body, and they appeared AFTER you took the antibiotics, you may be having an allergic reaction to your antibiotic.  Have you taken this type before, and if not, definitely let your doctor know of your new symptoms.  Even though you have no insurance, many doctors will be kind enough to answer your questions like this.  Just call and ask for his nurse.
2.  If it's herpes, and has spread, you need an antiviral.  I haven't heard of an infection on the hand, spreading to the entire body like that but I'm sure it's possible.

If I were you, I would find the money to have a culture done.  Herpes blister.  It's painful, it itches, the blisters pop and they crust over into scabs. When you squeeze a zit it hurts but trying to pop a blister is more painful.  Just giving you something to go by.
I remember working with a girl who had contacted herpes, and it spread to her lips and all over her face.  It was pretty bad.
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