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Ingrown Hairs on Face
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Ingrown Hairs on Face


I am having problems with my face after shaving.  I am a 25 year old guy.  I did not have these problems when I was younger.  After shaving, I am getting ingrown hairs on my face on the side of my chin on both sides.  When I look closely to see why I have these small red bumps below the skin, there are hairs just beneath the top layer of the skin.  I can dig them out with tweezers, but it leaves red marks, and if I don't, small red bumps form anyways.  I need to shave for my job, so using a beard trimmer is not possible.  I have read many, many other boards and websites for information.  Here is what I have tried:
1) Shaving with brand new triple blade razor (very bad results too many blades).
2) Now I use a "bump fighter" single blade razor with a guard so you don't shave too close (results in image below)
3) If I don't shave, or if I use a beard trimmer, I have NO bumps.
4) I shave after showering in very warm water
5) I use sensitive skin shave gel.
6) I shave with the grain as much as possible (hair random).
7) I wash my face prior to shaving with a salicylic acid wash.
8) I use a salicylic acid moisturizer afterwards.
9) At night I use benzoyl peroxide on the area.
10) I don't stretch or pull the skin when I shave and I make only single strokes on the area.

Please help, this is absolutely driving me crazy, and my appearance is very important for my job!  The picture attached below is my face, hopefully it will help.
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The cure for this condition is not to shave.  (see your #3.)  Tweezing is always counterproductive.  You do not need to pull out an ingrown hair--it comes to the surface by itself--and when you try, you get a red mark that lasts longer.  Benzoyl peroxide shaving creams (available by prescription) can help, but mostly just a little.  I assume that growing a beard is not an option.  Laser hair removal to thin, if not eliminate, the hair may be a very good option for you.  Check it out--the technology is tried-and-true by now, but go to a reputable place like a doctor's office, and not one of the many "salons" where the treatments are done by who-knows-who.  Such treatment is not generally insurance-covered, but it's not that expensive (in the hundreds of dollars, not the thousands.)

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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Hi there, you could try exfoliating your skin before shaving.  There are several gritty exfoliating creams you can purchase from the drug store.  Work it with a little water in small circular motions.  Rinse and lather up and shave.  It'll help to lift the hairs and you should get a smooth shave.  Be sure to moisturize afterward.

Good luck!
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