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Pimple / Wart / Molluscum Contagious
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Pimple / Wart / Molluscum Contagious

Hi Docor,

Thank you for your time.

A few weeks ago I started getting small pink-ish flesh colored bumps on my hands. Two on my left, one on my right. When squeezed, clear fluid came out. I went to my GP, because I thought they were Warts. He thought so too at first, but then said they were Molluscum Contagious. He prescribed something, but I never bought it and used it (i know, stupid mistake). As a side note, I was also masterbating (masturbating) a lot (another bad mistake having those on my hands).

Anyway, I went online and saw all pictures of Molluscum and HPV, and it scared me. In the days after I noticed a bump on my penis. It was on the front shaft, right below the Penis head. I noticed it once I got out the shower. I dont know if it was because of the heat of the shower or my previous masterbation (masturbation) session which irritated it, but it looked kinda pink, smooth and waxy looking. Nice and oval too, its oval-ness made it look like its sitting on top of the penis, where infact it came from underneat the penis skin. So, stupidly, I picked at it, and squeezed some fluid out, it was clear.

The next day I showed my GP, by which time it looked skin colored & not as plump looking. He said he thought it was a wart or a skin tag, but he asked me to see a Dermatologist.

Instead I went to an Infectious Disease Specialist who examined it and he said it did not look like a wart, but rather a skin tag, because it was flesh colored.

Then I went to a Dermatologist, who said it was a wart, but when asked if it could be anything else he said possibly a dried up Molluscum.

Then I went to a Planned Parenthood Clinic, and the Doctor said it was NOT a Wart. But rather possibly a clogged pore or a sebaceous gland clogged. She said if i can get clear fluid out its probably just a pimple.

The next night I again, stupidly, drained the sucker (clear fluid came out). And it flattened by itself by say 90-95%.

Then I saw Dermatologist #2, he said that he cant really tell what it is by now, because it underwent change by me squeezing on it and changing its form, but he said he didnt think it was a Wart, but rather a pimple or Molluscum.

My sexual history is Ive most always used a condom, I havent 1 time a couple years ago. I have been with the same girl (was a virgin) for the last year, always wear condom w/ her.

A part of me wants to say this was here b4 and just smaller and not irritated, maybe a circumcision skin tag, beacuse its around the circumcison line around the penis, and when not hard, and scrunched together, you cant really see it. but the other side says maybe its new and is it really a co-incidence that it came up around the same time as the Molluscum on my hands?

I know its hard to diagnose things over the Internet, but what do you think?

Thanks so much!
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I don't think you have either warts or molluscum.  I've never seen molluscum on the hands.  Molluscum, despite their name, don't spread from one part of the body to another.  They don't drain fluid.  Warts don't drain fluid either.

My suggestions:
1.  Leave your hand and penis bumps strictly alone for 2 weeks.
2. Do not see a doctor about this for 2 weeks.
3. If there is anything left to see, consult Dermatologist #2 again.
4. If there's nothing there, just forget about it.  If these bumps come again, please show them to a doctor before you pick at them and make them unrecognizable.


Dr. Rockoff
Sorry Doc, forgot to mention one last bit of information...

When I squeezed the Pimple or Molluscum or Wart, and the fluid came out... and it drained it and flattened, it seemed like 5 mins later there was some more that needed to be drained, and I did, and eventually it stayed flat. After drained, it seemed like it was a thin skin layer like with a blister. Not a whole bunch of tissue or solid skin like a Wart.

Thanks Again.
One last thing, the bump i am talking about was very very small to begin with. before it flattened after squeezing.

Thanks Doc,

I appreciate your time. One last question, if you do not think it is either a Wart or Molluscum, what other possibilities do you forsee?

one last thing is, i know i have been tugging on that top portion of the skin sometimes. (for reasons outside the scope of this conversation) perhaps that could have irritated the follicles? or the lotion i have been using doing something, clogged something.

all i can say is its shape looks a lot like Molluscum.

sorry for ranting, this is very stressful.
Hi Joe,

hey, thanks for the response. can you tell me a little more about it? it was just 1 bump? where was it located? did you have mollucum anywhere else that could have transferred it?

Did you ever poke at it ? Squeeze anything out of it

hey just wanted to let you know, I had a dried up molluscum, that was mistaken for a pimple, and a wart. I think when theyre dried up they really dont look like much of anything. If you are really concerned (I was) go to the derm and tell him you would be more comfortable with a biopsy.

The test will come back in a few days and you will know!

Most docs brush it off anway b/c whether its molluscum a wart or a skin tag, its harmless. But even knowing that, for peace of mind I had to know.

To reassure you that  molluscum is not a big deal, I had it for a few weeks (less than a month), and being an overall healthy yound adult, it dried up and dissapeared.

Hope this helps.
I had molluscum,  abut 20-25 lesions total,   They were mainly in the lower abdoment,  a couple up on the chest, and about 3 on the penis.  I pretty much had a 3 month outbreak,  the main one is when about 80% of the lesions appeared.  After,  there were only a few that popped up.  They all seem to be gone now. But they:

1. Never drained fluid
2. Bled like crazy if you messed with them.
3. Took about 2 weeks to completely heal after removing the inner core,  (which makes it bleed all over the place if you don't compress it)

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