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Recurring Bumps
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Recurring Bumps

I've had recurring bumps on my hands for several years, and can't figure out why.  They are quite small, roundish, but not symetrical, and do not contain any sort of liquid.  They are not itchy or really sore, but are sensitve.  When I get a breakout, the bumps are always in the same spot.  It started out just on my fingers and hands, but it seems to affect larger areas with each breakout.  This last time, it also affected my elbows and one knee cap.  I can't make any connection between the breakouts and a trigger.  I live in Canada, and get them when it's very cold and dry, but also in the summer when it's hot and humid.  They just show up for a few days and then dissapear.  I don't think it's an allergy because the bumps are always in the same spot each time.  Any help would be appreciated.
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My best guess is that this is dyshidrotic eczema, a non-allergic rash which consists of small bumps/blisters chiefly affecting the palms and soles.  Cause is unknown,  Treatment, if the symptoms are bothersome enough to make it worthwhile, is topical steroid creams.  You should see a skin doctor for definitive evaluation.


Dr. Rockoff

Actually, my problem has to do with  skin on my arms, (particularly my left arm: I am right-handed, so assume possibly that circulation in the left arm is somewhat sluggish as cf to the right arm). Anyway, the skin apppears with a surface slightly
crododilian in pattern--with criss-cross a diamond
pattern.  I am age 73, in good health, under stress (I'm a
nurse), have just been diagnosed with probable PLEVA: small red spots all over my body--fortunately, jut a few on my face; a biopsy was done: will hear back in a few days and the MD thinks,
willbe put on an antibiotic.  I am thin, thus,  don't have
much fatty tissue I will ask this MD of course, but wonder if there's an explanation for this reptilian appearance on my lower forearm.   I have been taking a diuretic (small dose)---
have just gone off it because of its drying effects on
skin and mucous membrances.  (am substiututing a
mild antihypertensive)  Thank you.

    Oklahoma Rose
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