Red blotchy skin
by Shelly79, Jan 30, 2008
My skin sometimes gets really red and blotchy on my neck, upper arms and upper chest.  Not sure what causes it.  It seems to come and goes whenever it wants...It's never itchy or raised, but does feel slightly warm to the touch.  It gets annoying and embarrasing at times, people think I have a sunburn or rash.  Does anyone know what is going on & how to stop it?
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by BhumikaMD, Jun 08, 2008

This could be allergic reactions to unknown substances, skin hypersensitivity, eczema, dermatitis or sun rash.

Do you remember any exposure to any specific chemicals etc? Or any trauma to the site or insect bite , etc?

Do you notice the lesions trigerred in response to a specific stimulus like sun exposure, some substance related to your work place?

Apply calamine lotion at the site and take some oral antihistamine medications like cetrizine or loratadine for your complaints.

If the symptoms are still persistent, consult your dermatologist and get a proper clinical evaluation done.

Let us know if you have any doubts and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Good luck.
by shelleyw07, Oct 21, 2008
I get red, blotchy skin when I get really nervous or excited.  I went to the doctor and they prescribed to me a Beta blocker.  I found online that it has helped most people It just didnt work for me.  Its meant to slow the rush of adrenaline.  If you are nervous or have social anxiety disorder, this might be worth asking your doctor about
by gobble, Dec 08, 2008
Hi, My skin gets really blotchy and red whenever i itch it.. Can someone pls tell me why this happens
by shellz23, Mar 20, 2009
Hi shelly, I have the exact same thing and get big oval patch of red on both of my upper arms and all the top of my chest goes red and blotchy. The sides of my face and my ears go bright red. It is so embarrasing and the more I think about it the worse it gets.
It happen whenever I get emotional or nervous etc and also occurs when I drink alcohol
I would also love to find something to help this!!
I have been suggested Accupuncture and also IPL (laser light) hey apply to the area that goes red.
Would love some other ideas!
by bluehawaiian84, Apr 11, 2009
  I dont know if this applies to what most of you are talking about and i dont think it comes up from being nervouse or stressed out because this is my 18 month old daughter Im talking about and I dont see her being nervouse over anything. But I woke up this morning to my daughter with these red blotches all over both of her arms.  They are not raised and they are warm to the touch, almost hot.  Weird? I am pretty sure of it.

  I am very concerned, yet I am a very paranoid parent.  I am a first time mother and everything scars me.  i am trying to avoind going back to the ER because We go there usually once a month sometimes ever other month because every time she caughs I think the worst and want to hear a doctor tell me that she is okay.  Im sure the staff in the peds ER thinks Im a total nut case so I dont want to go in this time if its just my over smothering paranoya.  What should I do?  Not about the paranoya, the rash on my lil angels arms.  Please help me before I make a fool of myself at the ER again.  ~in appreciation~Beth
by moxieblonde, Feb 08, 2010
I have the same exact thing and never correlated it to stress...but that seems to make sense.  Whenever I go to big events like a wedding or something it happens and I end up putting cover up on my arms (how lame!).  

It also comes out on my arms when i work out at the gym which is so embarrassing and wearing long sleeves on my run isn't an option.   Does anyone else find that when they work out it comes out as well?  
by red_faced_chica, Sep 20, 2011
the same exact thing happens to me. i'm sick of it. its been happening since 6th grade and im a junior in college now. i find that it happens when i'm in the sun for a long time, if i'm in a room that is hot, if i'm around alot of people, when i drink alcohol or smoke pot, when i'm nervous/anxious, and during sex. sometimes it just happens and i can't control it. i thought it was rosacea but after reading about it i don't think thats what it is. i dont get puss-filled bumps, i just get red skinned and blotchy. it doesn't itch. and when people point it out i feel insecure, which makes it worse.  idk what to do. and i refuse to take medication that affects any of my hormone levels.
by PrettiRikki, May 15, 2012
Wow just got on the Internet to finally research this issue!!! I'm 26 and I've experienced the same thing for as long as I can remember! Its been happening more often and for me it could be when I'm excited, drink, smoke pot (almost every time) in crowded places, hot or angry.... I get the blotches on my chest, arms, stomach, and thighs. My cheeks will get really red and so will the tops of my ears. I'm always very warm to touch and can feel heat coming off my body when I'm under a blanket but I'm never hot, it usually feels good, kind of like a heating pad on your legs. It's never bothered me and I guess I've never thought 2x about it till now. I'm concerned it could be a circuitry issue! I'm 5'2 female 105-110 lbs, very active and have been a runner my entire life. My blood pressure tends to be high or on high side of normal AND experience cold feet and hands almost always and get tingly feet. I know it's a streatch to assume all these things are related but if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!!
by Brooklyn42, Dec 02, 2012
Holy ****, I have been searching YEARS, and I mean YEARS to find someone with the same disorder as I have. My issue is the same thing PrettiRikki, I'm 24 male, very active just like you, I'm muscular build so I go to the gym a lot, but noticing it getting worse I decided to back off. I have started to put lotion on the one where it replenishes the skin, and that helps the flaring stay down for a bit especially with hot showers which it normally flares up a lot then. If anyone has any kind of information please help. Honestly, I'm desperate, I'm sick of having this thing on my arm, and every dermatologist I go to has no idea what it is. Taken every pill, every type of creme, everything.