blood clot on lip
by jewels59, Jun 11, 2008
when i was closing the car boot it hit my head and my teeth got clenched on my lips.  this is about 2 or 3 years ago.  there is now a clot which is dark and looks awkward on my lip.  what is the remedy?

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by Dr_Aparna, Jun 11, 2008
This require no treatment.Just leave it alone.
It will clear on its own and completely disappear in a 2-3 week's time.
If it bursts the you could apply an anti-bacterial cream.Do not attempt to puncture it as it may lead to a secondary infection.
The color of the lesion may keep changing, but this is normal.The blood accumulated is getting broken down and eliminated from the body.
by Hnlc, Jun 11, 2011
I punctured my blood clot and it kept on bleeding. Now there's an even bigger clot. How do I remove this?!
by toocruel31, Nov 25, 2012
actually mine has been on my lip for over ten years,from a boyfriend who bit my lip. i recently hit it again and it spred an is now swollen even more blue