non-itchy red sore spots on fingers
by mannem, May 21, 2008
Hello and thank you for any help you could provide me with!
I am totally clueless as this is the first time I ever have a problem of the kind:
It started a week ago, i got one spot on the side of a finger. It happened at night and i thought it was an insect bite especially as it had a faint, very tiny, hardly noticeable dot in the middle.
Next morning same thing, a new spot, this time on another finger of the same hand (surface not touching the first spot). And again, every morning a new one until today. It is localized, all on the index+middle finger+ring finger of the right hand.
It is a mystery to me, as to why each spot seems to appear and hurt only in the morning and then nearly disappear during the day. The other spots from last week can still be seen but not much, they're still a little red but not sore anymore, just very dry.
They really seem to appear on a spot-a-day basis. They are sore (very painful!!), hard when they appear, don't itch at all. They don't break (seems to be deep) but leave a flaky dry skin along the day as the infection seems to 'calm down'.

Thanks so much for your attention and your help!
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by BhumikaMD, May 21, 2008

You could be allergic to some unknown substance or this could be sweat rash or some infection.

Do you have any other associated symptoms?

What work do you do? Are your feet exposed to any chemicals or soaps or detergents etc?

You could wash the area several times daily and apply calamine lotion at the sites. Take oral antihistamine medications like loratadine or cetrizine for your symptoms.

Try to find out the cause of your symptoms or any factors that aggravate the rash. Consult a skin specialist for a clinical examination.

Let us know about how you are doing and what your doctor advises.

by mannem, May 21, 2008
Thanks for your answer Bhumika!
I don't have any other symptom. I am in excellent health and i'd better be… as a freelance, i am not able to pay a health insurance at this moment (i know, it's bad, but it's not a matter of choice), so my only source of help will be common sense and the internet. It's alright, i am brave an patient :-) I am just worried it might be contagious? It hasn't spread onto my other hand or anywhere else on my body so i have hope that it is not contagious.
I am a graphic designer/illustrator. Other than the keys of my laptop I use some pencils, inks etc. but nothing new… these materials i have always used and never had any problem before.
I'll have a look at calamine lotions and antihistamine!
Thanks again!
by BhumikaMD, May 23, 2008

You should try the calamine lotion and antihistamine medications. Nothing can be said about whether the lesion is infective or not without a clinical examination.

If your symptoms persist even after a few days it would be best to consult a skin specialist and rule out any other cause including a bacterial and fungal infection as the cause of your symptoms.

Let us know about how you are doing and what your doctor advises.


by mannem, May 24, 2008
thanks for leaving a note!!
my rash seems to be doing much better… i have no idea what helped, i tried different things all at the same time:

- nutritional: loads more of vitamin C (i read it's an effective natural antihistamine)
- tea tree oil directly on the skin (that seemed to help heaps!)
- washing immediately all bedsheets, pillowcases etc.

Now there's just a red and very dry mark of the rash, but it's fading away, not sore at all, there are no more new spots. Seems to be healing very fast! Maybe it was just insect bites? Which is very strange because i had a new one every morning and on the fingers of the same hand… the whole thing stays a mystery to me!

Thanks again for caring!
by BhumikaMD, May 25, 2008

It is nice to know that you are doing better now and your symptoms are gradually resolving.

You should consult your doctor if the symptoms reappear.

Let us know if you need any further information and post us about how you are doing.

by cjbiss, Aug 29, 2009
I just thought I'd tell you that I have a similar issue. I get the same kind of spots on the bottom palm side of my middle fingers, but only those two fingers. They have been coming and going for a few months now. They appear, hurt, and after a day or two disappear. Then, a couple days or maybe a week later they reappear. I thought at first they might be blisters, but they never pop or have any liquid come out of them. I'm not allergic to anything, and can't seem to figure out what causes them to appear or what they are. I usually get two on my right hand and one on my left hand. So, anybody have any ideas?
by CatherineAllanah, Nov 16, 2009
Hi there, I've just been to the doctors about the spots on my fingers, I get them every few months or so, the doctor first checked my feet as this rash can be related to athletes foot.
I was clear of that, I have tried hydrocortisone before which didn't work so this time the doc recommended elocon steroid cream.
I put it on like 20 minutes ago and it's working already!
I was told if that didn't work I was to go to a skin specialist :S
This rash is on my hands, elbows and knees.
And people
It cannot be spread through skin to skin contact! Yays!!!

The condition is called pompholyx :)
by Schatak, Jun 08, 2010
yeah,I have a similar issue. I get the same kind of spots on the bottom palm side of my fingers, one or two fingers. i got this similar kind of spot last again from last 5-4 months,they appear, they r itchy,hurting when i press them. also they r not visible.but i can feel them when i press my finger. and after a day or two disappear. and left with a dead is circulating on my all finger like 2 in day next two in another fingers like that. they reappear. i am not able to understand what exactly they are and what causes them to appear. I usually get two on my right hand and one on my left hand.
please help me in this matter. m worried now,