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Insulin Resistance and general feeling of mental confusion
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Insulin Resistance and general feeling of mental confusion

I'm writing to you today out of desperation....
a little back ground...a couple of years ago...I was on a sort of diet in which I only ate once a day....
everything was fine...
then one day I started getting extremely tired after eating...and would sleep for hours...
years later, I have come to regret that mistake...
Even adding regular meals has not helped...now...anytime I eat, I get dizzy, tired and very confused...
I can't seem to get out of it...
the biggest problem is I have lost my ability to think and am always in a fog...
As soon as I eat...I can feel the blood  flow to my head...and then...my mind is gone....
I can't think straight...and have no ability to really do anything....
I take vitamins and minerals...have reduced carbs...don't eat sugar....drink only water...
and it is not helping....
I need help...and quickly....
I have a husband and 3 children who don't have their wife and mom anymore...
I don't have diabetes YET...but insulin resistance.....
I pray that you will try to help me....
I am so sorry.  I am not a doctor and have no idea what could be causing these symptoms.  I assume you have seen your physician and have been thoroughly checked out.  I'm also not sure what you mean by "insulin resistance".  Has this been diagnosed by your doctor and what does it mean?  Perhaps a nutritionist might be able to help.  I am truly sorry that you are experiencing such a difficult time in your life.  I hope that you are able to find some answers soon.  Best of luck to you.
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You mentioned taking "vitamins and minerals"...please be sure to write down quantities and types taken to discuss with your doctor.  I know this industry is not regulated and you should discuss further with your doctor...I have a friend who had a bad, sudden reaction to a vitamin she was taking, can't remember which one (A or E?), but not a multi-vitamin.  

Also, are you checking your blood glucose with a meter?  Most, if not everyone dealing with any type of insulin situation needs to test several times a day.  I'm surprised at the amount of DMer's I meet who don't test...Type 1 and Type 2's.  Some still feel it's something just done in the doctors office.  I'm not assuming you're not, but tracking for your doctor might help.

I can hear your concern, Catherine
Hello GGB,
Things sure are rough for you these days.  As ES mentioned, I do hope you're working with your doctor on this issue.  Taking very good notes and sharing them with him/her is important.  Have you ever done home blood glucose tests to see what your numbers are when you feel the way you report?  How is your blood pressure?

You mention insulin resistance.  Are you overweight, which is the usual cause of insulin resistance?  

I hope you'll check in again with more info and perhaps an update from recent chats wiht your doctor.
I am a long-term (49 years) Type 1 diabetic.  I don't know if what I have to say is directly related to your situation nbut I believe it is worth consideration by you and your doctor (who should have already qauestioned the connection!).

When blood sugar rises quickly, dizziness (inability to focus, vision changes, scatterred thinking, as examples) can be a common reaction.  Unfortunately, this is also true when blood sugar drops.  In adition, as time passes and your have multipl,e low blood sugars, the brain is dedprived of oxygen during the low glucose episode and slowly, permanent damage to the brain can result.  I agree with some of the other comments that you should be testing your blood sugar both before you eat and after (even on an hourly basis to begin with).

Please remember that I am not a doctor just a person who has great empathy for the way you feel and your frustration with not knowing what to do to "fix" the problerm.


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