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cold legs
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cold legs

my wife has type 2 diabetes, she has had it for approx 12 years but over the past few months her legs, from her knees down to her toes are stone cold & they are pure white , no colour at all,we dont get anywhere with her doctors, has any one any ideas as to the problem ?
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It appears your wife is experiencing Diabetes Feet [associated with diabetic neuropathy]. See this link for an explanation http://diabetes.emedtv.com/diabetic-foot/diabetic-feet.html

"we dont get anywhere with her doctors," this doesn't sound good. Why hasn't she changed doctors? Find one that will listen and treat her accordingly even if it means driving for two hours. She is at the point of needing to see a diabetes specialist, an Endocrinologist asap. Ask her doctor for referral today.
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