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type II diabetic dizzy
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type II diabetic dizzy

hello my father who is 78 and in real good physical condition is suffering from dizzy spells.  He is a type II diabetic who normally eats pretty good and takes a pill once a day.  He doesn't test his blood and won't seem to do so.  He walks a few miles every day and is an avid golfer.  
What happened was they went on a 3 day holiday and the weather was extremely hot.  Also mom said dad didn't eat so well for the 3 day they were gone.  On the day they were driving home he had 4 dizzy spells, one in the morning right after breakfast, then one in the bathroom on one of the stops on the 4 hour drive.  They drove for the four hours without actually eating they stopped for a short coffee and a snack.  When they arrived home he had another dizzy spell, he was pale, sweaty, and weak.  Then we fed him right away and he had another dizzy spell, in about an hour.  
Do you think his blood sugar was too low?   Do you have any other pointers of how to manage this uncooperative diabetic?  

Thanks Almostcatlady
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I think his blood sugar is dropping and dehyrdated, Have him drink plenty of water and eat 6 small meals a day........Give him a small glass of O.J. it will bring his sugar up.........I hope he gets well...
There are many cause of dizziness.
Medication can be the cause. which medication is he taking? Because not all medication cause hypoglycemia.  In case of old age there may be problem with inner ear or heart problems or hypertension or neurologic..
Here are simple tips which may be help to you:

-No fat at all- Diabetes are power house of fat. There is an excess production of fat. Therefore, don't take any fatty food( no fast food meal, no oil, no lard, No red meat like beef, brain, pork, lamb goat). You can used cholesterol free vegetable oil or olive oil (very good)
- you can have fish esp sea ones (tuna sardine etc) they contain antioxidant that help to lower bad cholesterol and protect the heart
-Don't drink pop, soda or juice ( drink sugar free diet instead, best is water)
-Rate your plate (eat small, frequent meal than 2 heavy meal)
-have lot of fiber in your diet (whole grain cereals, bran, green salads and vegetable), there are also fiber tabletes available over the counter
-Do regular exercise at least 30 mins every day
-Drink water when You are hungry and then only take food.
-Make your plate small serving, half plate should be green vegetables, 1/4 should be carbohydrates like brown rice or pasta or mash potato), 1/4 should be protein (if vegetarian very good, otherwise best is fish or chicken without skin)
-Eat lot of green salad to fill you stomach, don't put much dressing or use low salt, low fat and low carb dressing
-dont use sugar while drinking coffee, use artificial sweatner instead
-Don't eat any process meat like hot dog, or any fast food meal
-Drink Skim milk or soya milk instead of 1 or 2% fat milk
-check you feet every day, don't soak you feet in any solution, check your shoes while wearing, dry between ur toes after washing
-Visit eye doctor every year
-BLood test (renal function test, HBA1c, Lipid profile, urine test including microalbumin)
-If you smoke- best is to quit or atleat cut down
-Don't sleep or take a nap in the afternoon especially after meal.
-think positive, do meditation

These are the basic lifestyle modification you can change to make your quality of life much better and stay healthy (not only diabetes)
Weight loss is not only decrease the demand of insulin but also decrease blood pressure.
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