Dog ate a condom
by Cathy33, Nov 11, 2007
I found a bag of condoms under my dining room table. When I went to clean up their mess I noticed a condom wrapper empty. One of the two has eaten a condom. I have a French Bulldog (1 1/2 years old) and a Yellow Lab ( 2 in January). I don't know which one ate the condom, and so far they seem fine. The Frenchie usually eats odd things, he ate a battery last year on New Years, and he's eaten those dessicants from packaged treats. Does anyone think like my husband, and assume they will pass the rubber through their bowels and not show any signs of problems? Or, does someone believe I should bring my dog to the ER ASAP? Please help me.

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by BlueEyedOne, Nov 11, 2007
My dog used to eat all kinds of weird things...rubber bands, hair scrunchies, even a childs sock.   And everytime it passed through her system just fine, so I would think this would too, becuase it would deffinently be more slippery than a sock.  But you do need to make sure they go to the restroom regularly, if you think they aren't, like they are constipated, than it could have gotten stuck in their intestine and then take them to the vet.  However, I do think they will be fine...But you can always just call up yours, or a local vet and ask what they think.
by Fourpaws, Nov 12, 2007
My dog ate one out of the garbage!!! Yes, it was disgusting. I look at him a little differently now!!!lol.... I just watched his poop for about a week to make sure it came out and yes it did, it was so gross, but at least it passed!
by JaybayBlank, Nov 12, 2007
If the condom gets hung up in the intestinal tract, you'll know it quickly.  Any sign of bloating, foamy barf, inability to keep down food or water, and a fever - that's when you have an emergency obstruction.  My guess is it will pass through with no problem, but keep an eye out just to be sure.  :-)
by JackRussell12345, Apr 29, 2008
I have a Jack Russell about 10months old. he is around 20lbs. I threw a used condom into the garbage and he somehow fished it out and swallowed it in a matter of seconds!! Due to his size and the fact that it was a magnum is it still possible that it will go through his system? I called the vet and they told me just to watch him but I am concerned. Does anyone know of anything that I can give him to make him vomit it out?
by JaybayBlank, Apr 30, 2008
It's already past his stomach and into the intestines.  Do NOT induce vomiting!  Your vet gave you correct advice.  As long as the condom is moving through, your dog won't have any symptoms or trouble.  If it gets stuck, your dog will be very noticeably bloated and ill.  At that point it's an emergency and surgery likely needed.  Try to stay calm and keep an eye on him.  Oh yeah, and buy trash cans with self-closing lids.  :-)
by rottiemom26, Mar 24, 2009
My rottie, 1 year old, ate a condom last night out of the trash. She seems okay, but had diarrhea this morning and has been eating a lot of grass lately. Activity level is the same and has a slight (meaning she ate about 2/3 of what she normally eats) decrease in food intake. How long does it take for the condom to pass? If I dont see it come out by tomm. I am thinking of taking her to the vet. Any advice?
by katew888, Mar 26, 2009
You will absolutely know if your dog is not feeling well.  Watch for lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting...he will not feel well if anything is stuck in his intestines. The way you feel when you've eaten something bad is pretty much how your dog will feel also, and it will be very evident.

My dog passed a 14 in scarf (intact!) once, but had to have surgery for dental floss.  Go figure.  Our trash cans are now inside our cabinets!!
by C2009, Jun 28, 2009
I am house sitting, and one of the dogs ate the condom. Unfortunately, the owners come back in two days, and I really don't want them to find the condom in the dog's poop. Can I give the dog laxatives to ensure that it passes before they owners return?
by ginger899Blank, Jun 29, 2009
Can you ring a local vet to ask advice about what to do? It is possible the condom will pass without any trouble, but the vet will be able to advise you. Any signs of blockage, ie: vomiting, or trying to vomit without success, signs of pain or distress, lethargy, etc, that dog needs to be taken to ER or to a regular vet very quickly.